Lila Bangsawan

Lila Bangsawan
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I am a teacher of an elementary school. I live in Bandung-Indonesia and have 2 sons. I will write on travel as my writing focus because I was a traveler around Indonesia areas when I was young.
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She really can talk with her own ways. She communicates her willing and gives warnings.
When you must go to suburb or rural areas within Indonesia country, where there is no hotels or motels because of business reasons, here I give you some tips and information that may be useful for you.
You can avoid domestic violence before it is happened to you. What you have to do is only aware of who you deal with when you fall in love at the first time. Here is a little advice how you do it.
You will find historic buildings in every countries as legacies of the past. Here in Wikinut, I'll present you two of them in my hometown.
True friends are someones who are always be there for us. Where ever good friends go, they will remember us as their friends.
There were a living before us and we took a lot from them. We did not leave a piece for them. So we have to take the risk.
Proudly I suggest you to visit these beautiful places as your tourism objects during your visit in West Java - Indonesia. Before doing it, please read it through Wikinut.
There are some unique transportation tools in my country. You can find them here on Wikinut before visiting my country.
The most precious gift from God is Second Chance of Living with some changes of life.
Perhaps you will feel the same with what I feel now. Everything are changed so fast and then you realize "They are Gone !".
When you feel bored with your daily routine works, here is the answer.
Children with the age of 6 to 12 years old have limited learning capacity. Here is a little advice for avoiding depressed children in your family.
She had a good career at her office before that guy then ruined her life.Too late but better then never. Hopefully, this true story based on my best friend's life may aware of a blind love.
This is a guidance for new travelers who need guidance during their journey to South Kalimantan. Some interesting places may be visited during the trip with low costs. Follow this guidance for your traveling.
Foreigners who will get marriage with Javanese girls probably will need this information to know better about how the ceremonial event of their wedding will be conducted.
This is my personal experience when I got a problem in my own house. Who should I ask for some advice?
When you have a leisure time to visit my country, or maybe you have some business at my place, this small guidance maybe useful for you.
Recently human beings are becoming more inhuman because of their selfishness. Words are not enough in expressing it. Here are some examples of inhumanity.
Summer is coming. Everything get dry. It is the time to be aware of forest fire.
There are some alternative foods to get its nutrients. Some people catch these animals to fulfill their health. If you are in such economical problem, would you like to taste it as the replacement of your nutrients?
He was so smart and faithful. He was die because of lonesome. I had a big regret after that.
Here are some traditional Sundanese foods that maybe fits with your taste. You can find them when you visit West Java region in Indonesia.
This is a little boy with multiple disabilities. He is blind, his kidney, lungs and heart are not work properly. He is an example of a boy who was born with lack of nutrition.
People who are too lazy to work sometimes tempted to do this. Don't ever try this way or you will get poorer than ever.
I saw many kids are angry kids. Their environment do not allow them to adjust them selves during their seeking of identity. I hope my writing may touch readers heart to be more wise to their children.
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