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Dj-A friendly Person-Amateur Writer.An 25 young boy from Constanta-Romania.I can't wait to make some friends here
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About life with parents.We must respect them no matter what others think or say.
Don't Kill Me with your heart...Love Poem..I hope you like it.....comment if you do...:P:P
Dark Love Poetry of love.A sweet and sad poetry love
Please Come Back To Me...A love Poem Some feelings.Enjoy It
A Chilean of 14 Years, The Youngest Athlete in The Pan American
How to Survive an Earthquake.Read and learn is verry usefull.
I Like All About You.A love poem composed and written by me!!!
How to eat in the morning to have a balanced and healthy life.
How to Keep Your Cool in any Situation.Think of something relaxing, a holiday in an exotic place, something nice or someone who makes you smile instantly.
In order to become a great disc jockey (DJ), you must have an extensive body of music, as well as the ability to lead a crowd Charisma is a must, like the ability to listen well and use equipment to make seamless transitions between tracks.
Learning to eat healthy, learn to live healthy!Let’s start a healthy diet, which has become a way of life, learning to eat smart. You do not have to know just what to eat, but how to eat.
Several students from the Technical University George Asa chi of Iasii were stars at Microsoft, having won a Cup Image section, organized by the IT giant.
This is a poem written and composed by me.I hope you like it and i hope you gonna enjoy it.
Three individuals are heard at this time, the police from Section 2 on the grounds that they were involved the night of 21 September 2011, in the commission of rape, Tieback’s Park from Constanta city in Romania
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