The Ohio Tinkerer

The Ohio Tinkerer
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My name is Chris Andrews. I write on a variety of topics and enjoy learning, reading, making things, and simply tinkering. I hope you enjoy my articles.
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Have you looked for a photo that captures your article, to stumble around and not be able to find a photo that you could use for free. Not all of us have a budget for paying royalties to a photograph, here are five FREE sites that offer photographs.
Quitters! Many online writers become quitters because they are not realistic about what to expect. What people need to realize is that anything that is some form of residual income takes time to build up. Online writing is a game of years and will not be big money within a week.
While writing there are certain symbols that people use and it is much easier to know the alt-code than to go through the long process of inserting a symbol and then tracking down where the symbol is out of the hundreds that exist in the common word processor and here some of the very...
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