Jude Barton

Jude Barton
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I am an artist, mother, grandmother, Christian and traveler on a wonderful journey of life. My interests are art, art history, world culture, literature, film, children, and all the things that make us tick and tick us off.
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Get a little Knoji for your Knoodle. An old knowledge based site (Factoidz) has been reworked into a new knowledge site that is has a fresh clean look and a new name. That site is the Knoji Knowledge Network, or just Knoji for short, and the writers are cranking away to bring interest...
You may be examining your options for treatment to alleviate symptoms of menopause. Choosing hormone replacement therapy or an alternative should be carefully examined and discussed with your health care provider.
Finding alternative heating methods for your home can save money and give homeowners additional resources in times of emergency or shortages.
Art History lesson on Fauvism with an activity. This lesson can be integrated into a comprehensive curriculum of history, geography and culture.
Art History lesson on the Book of Kells and illuminated manuscript with an activity. This lesson can be integrated into a comprehensive curriculum of history, geography and culture.
An overview of how art history movements are understood and play a roll in the evaluation and appreciation of art.
If getting to know someone is hard for you or you have trouble knowing what to say to new neighbors or at a party, these tips are for you. These tips are also very valuable for teaching your children conversation skills.
Skecher Shape-Ups are an unusual looking shoe that will give you an awesome work out. They perform according to their advertising.
A story of how ordinary objects have special meaning.
Covenant Eyes filtering software program plays an important role in internet protection safeguards for your family. The helpful and friendly staff will answer all your questions.
Healthy feet are critical to overall health and fitness. Caring for your feet should be part of your daily grooming habits. Consider incorporating these tips as part of your foot care routines.
You will save tons of money if you don't blow up your car engine. Learn some simple maintenance skills and never ignore a knocking noise, especially when your oil light is on!
Travel to Nova Scotia and drive down Digby Neck to Brier Island where you will find a little piece of heaven. if you are looking for some great easy hikes, whale watching, bird watching, fresh air, friendly people and a good nights sleep then you have arrived.
Geared toward beginning painters and hobbyist this helpful Information will guide you in how to choose the right paint and paper for your fine art paintings. Links are provided for more detailed and thorough information on both paint and paper.
Links and information for accommodations in Salem, MA. Travel to Salem MA and stay in one of their many Bed and Breakfast restored historic homes or a waterfront hotel. All are in walking distance or a brief trolley ride to the major sights, shopping and historical district.
Links and information to Salem, MA sightseeing and attractions. Vacationing in Salem Massachusetts provides activities and events for a variety of interests from the Salem witch trials to the rich Salem history of an important American seaport.
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