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Samantak Bhadra
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I, Samantak Bhadra, am a guy who is unsure about his own destiny and the world around him. I graduated with an engineering degree from a college in Kolkata and am currently working in an IT firm. (Yes, I know I'm a very stereotypical and boring pseudo geek!)

Writing and music have helped in bringing a lot of colour into my life. I consider them to be the sixth and seventh elements (right after the five elements) which have helped to define existence as we know it. Therefore, it can be logically concluded that I am in love with both of them.

I believe that by being serious one ends up wasting precious seconds of one's own life and since I'm a firm follower of my own doctrine (weird self-obsession, I know), I prefer to be the crazy (and might I mention, quite wacky) guy.

I also believe that 75.2891% of the world has surely gone to the dogs. Nobody really remembers (or knows) how it feels to be truly happy. That is the naked truth. We are lost in a web of our own making and the sad part is that, we don't even realize it. I, too, am a part of this disillusioned crowd. Sadly so.
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