Shawn E. Crapo

Shawn E. Crapo
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Author of The Dragon Chronicles series of epic fantasy novels.
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Chapter Four from "Wrothgaar's Quest" which is a supplemental novella to my fantasy series "The Dragon Chronicles." It is available on Amazon.
While facial detection technology is a fascinating breakthrough, HP's algorithms left a few people "in the dark."
Two presidents have demanded that the UFO files be released. Both were disappointed.
Here a few of my fellow authors from Central Illinois. Most of us are graduates of Eisenhower High School in Decatur, IL, and share the same inspiring English teacher, Shirley Kistler.
My epic fantasy series, The Dragon Chronicles, and the odd twist that made it unique.
A short review of an absolutely cheap amplifier I bought for $12 from eBay.
Though I loved Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, there were a few things that I think should have remained faithful to the books.
Mistranslations of ancient Hebrew can lead to some misunderstandings.
How Facebook made it even easier for people to stalk you.
The story of a Men in Black experience I had when I was a child. There were no actual Men in Black, but it's a memory repression story similar to those I've read.
Tilt shift effects are used to make photos and videos look like toy miniatures. It's a pretty cool effect, but is really easy to do with these little steps.
An in-depth introduction to the Knights of the Dragon as featured in my fantasy series The Dragon Chronicles.
Have you written a novel and want to self publish? Be sure to take this simple advice.
This short tutorial will show you how to create awesome HDR-style effects with a few easy steps.
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