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Vedic maths
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Why we should vegetarian,what are its benifit????????????
Fact of rebirth............. What do you think??????????
Happiness is most important part of living,so be happy...........
News regarding 2015 world cup announcement by ICC.
Short Joke: Homework Joke - The Trains Are Always Late "Dialog" Joke Joke - A Sentence That Starts with "I" Joke - Will I Be Able to Play the Piano? Joke - School Teacher's Note Joke - Tenses Joke - Factory Workers Laugh
A short biography of two indian scientists,whose names are Aryabhata I and asvin Kumars.
This article is a true story of john napier's shows how helpful he was even for his servant.
This is all about how innocent small babies are,they are honest,intelligent and having good capturing skills.
This is about creation of vedas.A creation of god in starting of the world.
This is whole about what is the procedure of god court.
A grammatical and logical reason to use word namaste as a greeting word.
Some facts why idol worshipping is not a right method for praying to God.
Simple and small puzzle for children who wants to play with their crazy minds.
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