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Quasar Chohan is a Reisterstown based writer.He has always had a deep passion for all types of writing.
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Recent pages by Chohan

Wedding is the most awaited time in a girl’s life. She wants it to be perfect when it comes to the dressing.
Do you feel frequent pain while urinating? It can be a urinary tract infection. Read this article for more information on urinary tract infection and how to prevent it.
Men due to their busy life and tensions of daily routine suffered more from hypertension as compared to women. In this article you will find different ways of treating hypertension.
My grandma and Desert are the two darlings of my life that I can’t live without. I first started baking when I was 13, and I never stopped. Initially it was my grandmother who taught me how to bake, but over the years I groomed my baking skills through various cooking shows and cook...
According to a research study conducted by Gartner, 80% of the thousand big business firms in the United States will purchase cloud computing services by next year. Cloud computing services have many advantages which make them suitable for businesses. Following are the top ten advanta...
At the most basic level, we can improve our diet by introducing foods which are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and Vitamins A, E and C. Such foods are high in fiber, so they will help us feel full longer and they will help us maintain stable and healthy levels of blood pressure...
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