Marie Milton

Marie Milton
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23 year old lass from England. I have always written songs, poetry, stories, you name it...
I am a sucker for nature and animals.
I have a view of the world which is no doubt in common with many people. I intend to make the world a more peaceful place to live in.
Of course I might need some assistance : )
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English grammar is easy once you know the rules. Below you will find some exercises to test your knowledge of the English written, and also spoken, language. Pick the correct word in each sentence and check your answers at the bottom
The Emperor Penguin is an inhabitant of the coldest region on Earth. Other birds only share spend time there on a part-time basis, but it is only the emperor penguin that actually uses the ice as a place to lay it’s egg..
The black footed ferret, a true native of North America, was once declared extinct after a near extermination of its food supply – the prairie dog. Although its numbers are stable, its long-term future has yet to be secured.
Learn about the worlds most inhospitable habitats – the Arctic Tundra. Yet despite its harsh weather condtions, the tundra supports a wide range of wildlife.
The blue-ringed octopus has a deadly bite and is the oceans most venomous creatures. It uses its glowing skin and blue rings to warn off predators.
The Ethiopian Wolf is the rarest canine in the world. More aid is needed to prevent this adorable creature from becoming extinct.
It is well known that the WWF use the picture of the Giant Panda as the symbol of conservation. The future of the Giant Panda is still at risk as its breeding grounds are constanly being reduced.
There is no place on Earth that is safe from the interference of Humans. The ice continent – Antarctica, is one of them.
Specialized and equipped predator of western Mexico, the Mexican Red-Kneed Spider is able to survive a solitude life waiting patiently for its next meal…
These butterflies have boldly patterned wings with dark lace-work. These wings are designed not only to confuse predators but to attracted a mate.
If you’re thinking of dating or getting close to an Italian guy, here are a few points to keep in mind.
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