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a lighthearted person and a crazy writer. I write on almost every topic I across with in my daily life. Most of my articles till date has been on issues relating terrorism, health and cricket.
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Earning 0.001 per click is legitimate but if some sites offer you more than that say a dollar per click or more, take my words those are fake sites. Here are have listed few sites which have been paying for the past few years and some sites which are totally a scam.
Understanding your Disease (Dissociative identity disorder)
This article is all about people suffering from Schizophrenia, the symptoms and the vulnerability associated with the disease. I have included all the possible treatment methods as well as a list of organaizations that work for the welfare of Schizophrenic patients. Have a look and gi...
Understanding your Illness equals half the cure. Having seizures once or twice in your life time does not necessary mean you have epilepsy.
This article is about a recent air crash where a US Bangla air craft crashed during landing in TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport) Kathmandu, Nepal. Though the real summary is still under investigation, I have tried my best to figure out what might have caused the incident which res...
Tips to loose weight, given the fact that you follow at least 10 to 15 of these steps you are most likely to lose weight. It might take some time though but continuity is what really matters.
Why it is of utmost importance to add green tea to your daily diet.
A Mother's love towards her child is unconditional and she is the only one who never asks for a favor.
About the two flights which went missing during March and December, 2014 and the different possibilities regarding it.
About the death and burial of Osama Bin Laden the world's most wanted terrorist and the mastermind behind 9/11 attacks.
When it comes to the color of stool you might just not be serious but hey wait a minute a sudden change in the stool color correspond a specific problem. Go through my article for an in-depth reason behind stool color.
It's about the so called Canonical five murders which took place during the end of the 18th century. It became popular because of the fact that all five victims of Canonical five murders were all in mid 20's and the brutality prior to murder raised the storm of fear to a very high lev...
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