hannah teer

hannah teer
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i'm stepping outside of my comfort zone and writing about my life. some of the subject matter includes, depression, being adopted, addiction, just to mention a few.
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love isn't always what it seems to be. when one is young and pliable extortion becomes easy.
living for another, wanting to be their everything has never worked...well, not for me, anyway.
once young and impressionable i became quite taken with another. needless to say, nothing about this person was healthy. it was a lifetime later when i finally came to terms with this.
a very personal piece for me. learning and growing, stepping out and thinking outside of the box.
sometimes love isn't always what it's meant to be. trusting an ill-intended person can destroy lives.
a daydream i often have about an individual i will never have.
sometimes people just are not what they claim to be. sadly, i was employed by such an individual. many lessons were learned, and the experience taught me about the type of person i hope to never become.
a piece written about somebody i loved and forever lost
this is something i wrote one night while thinking about a dear friend who took their life.
i was sitting on my porch, listening to carole king as i was watching a group of people outside of a church.
most of my writing is reflective of my journey as an adopted person. much of my writing is raw, dark and sometimes depressing.
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