Suzan Christensen

Suzan Christensen
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I am a native Alabamian and 'bless your heart' has always been part of my vocabulary in all its connotations. I write about the South, particularly the Gulf Coast, its people and relationships.
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When the Deepwater Horizon rig blew in the Gulf of Mexico, the citizens of Oceania could no longer wait for the humans to take care of the mess.
A girls night out turns out to be a very unusual event
It's not every day Dennis gets an email from Heaven, from Nathaniel--one of Jesus' disciples to be exact. The series of emails take care of the wi-fi problems and Nathaniel's headache and helps Dennis move toward getting over his grief.
A Grandfather takes his young grandson on a wintery fishing trip in the Tensaw delta, no fish are caught but a story is told.
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