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A Legend of writing that have published writing of senses and knowledge over the webpages and books. He is a genius of words.
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Money making is not the ultimate in human existence hence; it should not become a do or die affair. It should be made according to the ethic of God concerning money making.
Love is a prize won from loving. It is a game of giving and taking.
Marriage is not a contract rather; an everlasting bond till death do us part.
Satan was with God, but did not know whom he was serving. The lack of these knowledge crippled his stances of remaining the Son of the Morning
It is not love making that pivots sexual relationship than the ability to satisfy each partner. It is a sex suicide taking a woman to the mountain (near orgasm), without taking her down safely (actualization of the orgasm).
It is everybody's need for a better living hence; money making is a task to be well executed.
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