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I write poetry lyrics and music just want to get my stuff read and hopefully through constructive critism i can get better
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i wrote this today to just let out how i feel so maybe the one i lost would see how much she meant to me , i know she aint coming back hell i dont know why i write anymore
I just wrote this one for someone for special to me , i just dont think she knows what she means to me but its ok nevertheless with her im just at ease she calms me i dont feel lost when i talk to her i feel understood and honestly for the first time i actually feel cared about its a ...
I wrote this for a good friend someone that i can relate to and even though inside to her it may mot seem real but but when i am freinds with some one true freinds with some one they have my undying loyalty
I wrote this as a form of expression to symbolize the loss of innocense and the over all loss of ones old self and becoming anew changing into what you fear
This is another one i wrote today im just so tired of being so sad all the time all i want in life is to be happy to have one thing just one thing workout
I wrote this one today its just how i feel at the time it just gets so tiring watching everything slip away all the time
I wrote this one after my wife left , it still hurts and i dont hate her for it she did what she needed to do i realize i just wasnt good enough but i wouldnt change meeting her for nothing because she gave me my beautiful daughter that i hope to see again one day
I wrote this one yet again for my girl ,most everything i write is for her or my daughter i guess thats why i havnt written much in awhile well since she has been gone
This is one i wrote for my girl proposing to her it was after a big misunderstanding we had so i wrote this to tell her how i felt and what she meant to me but what good it did , i just wish circumstances would of been different i wouldnt be writing this summary all sad id be married ...
This is another i wrote for my girl to tell her how much she means to be and the title and the end come from our believes im apagan and she is wiccan
i wrote this one yest again for my girl when i first became aware i was losing her it wasnt hard to tell ive seen the sighns and i know them well
This is another one i wrote for my girl she truly is my muse and i havnt written to much since she has been gone we still talk and have hopes for the future but its just not the same
Yet another in the futile attempts to write the pain away , she is my daughter and she means the world to me so i write in hopes that one day she will see how much she means to me, this one doesnt so much ryhme though
This is one of the first ones i wrote after she left it was hard and it wasnt cause she didnt love me just circumstances lead us apart , and yet another in im sure of a long history of the for me series
This is another one i wrote for my girl before she left when things were still fresh and she still loved me it helped me explain my feelings for her to her and as i hoped she loved it
This is one i wrote for my girl when she was always asking me why i was so sad and why i always looked like i had sorrow in my eyes when she looked at me
Th is another one i wrote on the pain of not seeing my daughter it wasnt suppose to end the way it did but the poem just wrote its self you say
Yet another one of my dark depessing poems , i will probably be end up being know for these but yet here it is
Another one i wrote i after i lost my family , they left they didnt die but it was just a hard thing to handle , knowing because your a failure they left you
I wrote this one because i knew it needed to be written i was just so sad and i didnt want to believe what was happening but i had to accept that it was
This is one i wrote when i knew the realtionship was ending , she said it wasnt like that but yet everything i wrote came too pass
This is one i wrote regarding blood play and S & M
This is one i wrote over a bad break up a few years earlier im actually grateful what she had done , she and what she did to me made me who i am today
This is one i wrote to tell my girl what she was getting into with me i explain everything better on paper i get lost in my head when i write but she liked it so
This is one i wrote when i hadnt heard from my girl in a week or something but i felt her sliping away so i wrote this
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