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I lead a charmed life, spent 12 years in the RAF, which coincided with the 12 years between the 2 gulf wars. Now focussed on Aerospace contracting and online marketing
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Through simple actions we can truly change the world around us.
There is an oft forgotten way to generate an income from your writing that really you should consider
As it is Valentines day I decided it was a good day to contact my solicitor and begin my divorce, this it would appear was the dust on my to do list.
No matter how rich or poor you are. The surroundings that you passed through as you developed all helped to shape the size of the boundaries that are holing you in your current position in life.
It is very easy to get stuck in a rut and sometimes it needs a big push to get you to take another look at your situation, the monkey certainly gave me that.
The 3 ghosts of Christmas represent the elements that are required to achieve long term success in life and business. By balancing the attitudes of each of these ghosts you will be able to ensure that you are successful in the here and now and for all the tomorrows yet to come.
Marketing is so simple yet we are all guilty of adding complexity when there is no need. If you follow these simple steps, you can keep your marketing simple and effective.
How is it that one site can become a top blogging site and yours languishes unloved in the dark recesses of the SERPs, you have perhaps missed the essential ingredient required to become a top blogging site, I am guessing you would you like to know what it is, well read on.
As you seek out your path to online success, there is a part of the journey that you may have missed. Until you complete this part you cannot hope to become successful.
As someone who creates unique content it is often your own mind that is your worst enemy, however I have learned how to counteract my minds best efforts to stop me in my productive tracks. Let me show you how you to can become friends with your mind once more.
Could you actually tame luck and build it into your life plan, or are you always going to be the one that just misses their moment and lives in the 'what if'.
Being an affiliate marketer and promoting these offers to your list is a great way to go about it if you do it properly, unfortunately far too many people are not told of the importance of honesty and truth in affiliate marketing.
You will have most likely been offered a sure fire social media strategy by many marketers. However until you learn how to personalise this strategy it may actually do more harm than good.
You are told to focus on your list size and the activity of the numbers, this is the wrong attitude. There is only one thing you should be building and if you read this article you will find out what this is.
When you write everyday you may come across the condition known as writers block, if you have not experienced this yet then you are lucky. They have even made films about this, so it is most definitely a real condiion if not the most exciting one.
You are told to specialise and focus when it come to pursuing a market but you are not told to specialise when it comes to marketing? No wonder so many of us struggling Internet marketers are confused!
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