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Artur Victoria
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Professional lawyer, writer, teacher and consultant. Representant of FEDERASUR - Federation of Chambers of Commerce of South America, Secretary General of the TIP foundation committed to work in anti-corruption, ethics and integrity. network ; Honorary President of the “Luso International Foundation for Education and Culture in Northern Portugal”; initiator of the network of International Schools in Portugal (Braga, Porto, Leiria); co-founder and former representative of the Portuguese Northern National Defense Association European and Lusophone Representative of the Brazilian Military Academy Assocation - ADESG. Since 1992 have been coordinator of Portuguese and Brazilian initiatives, organizing events on preventing corruption and fraud. Previous to my involvement in anti-corruption work I have been working as District Counselor of the National Bar Association. Porto Editora published several books about real estate and property administration law. For six years he was involved in teaching and coordination of the lawyer trainees program in Northern Portugal.

Activities: Strategic organizational planning, network executive coordinator, in: Development integrity public programs, Educational public programs, organizational management in Security and National Defense.

Interests: History, anthropology, sociology, politics, law and economy;
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In business, the majority succeed because knowledge and training have enabled them to take advantage of opportunities.
To generalize is easy; to reduce principles to their practical application is the needful thing, both for the business man who is not without some experience and for the young man on the threshold of a business career.
It is impossible to begin recruiting or to go through the process of selecting suitable personnel unless one knows about the job to be filled.
The term security originated during World War II and referred to the necessity of selecting employees on the basis of proven loyalty, abstinence from membership (present and/or past) in subversive organizations, and citizenship.
The keystone of any employee training program is the training of supervisors.
Many employees have good ideas for increasing production or for improving plant conditions, but from self-consciousness, indifference, or lack of incentive, they do not volunteer them.
In this industrial age the worker, of necessity, is interested in security. He is dependent upon the actions of others.
Every worker is interested in his physical surroundings and general working conditions. If his work bench is too high or too low, he is uncomfortable and he tires more readily.
A certain amount of fatigue on the part of the worker is inevitable even though a company introduces ways and means of eliminating unnecessary and wasteful physical effort.
The interviewer reads the application and asks, "What kind of job are you looking for", if it is not clear from the blank.
It is customary in office work and many other lines of endeavor to pay the worker on a straight-time basis; that is, so much an hour, so much a day, so much a week, so much a month, or so much a year.
The scene is the employment office of a large public utility. The times are neither good nor bad.
The growth of the business, the employment market, the conditions of employment, all affect management plans.
The practice of granting vacations with pay has grown in recent years, both as to eligibility and length of the vacation period. Paid vacations for office workers are standard practice, and in time it will be a privilege extended to all wage earners.
Training is closely allied to induction and works hand in hand with it. It is essential not only that the worker be made to feel at home but also that he be taught what he needs to know about his job.
The health of employees is the business of the employer, for a healthy worker is likely to be a happy worker and to produce more and better work. Illness and poor health are the direct cause of many lost man-hours.
Promotion is the advancement of an employee to a position of greater responsibility, usually with an increase in compensation.
Workers have often been against incentive plans largely through fear of rate-cutting after the incentive has temporarily increased earnings.
No matter how excellent the policies or how completely developed, they will be ineffective unless those concerned are fully acquainted with them and understand how they are affected personally by them.
Most of the difficulties in the employer-employee relationship are the result of misunderstanding or of a lack of understanding of one another problems.
Business, as written about in popular fiction, usually depends upon pure genius, moral courage, divination, or the love of a beautiful maiden. In the opinion of some businessmen success depends upon hunch. To others, business is a game or a gamble.
To determine routing of the work through the shop, layout of the shop, and sequence of operations, a flow process chart is an essential tool. There is another large area of cost reduction in work simplification. This means asking the questions, "Can I eliminate? Can I combine? Can I c...
Successful communication requires empathy, which is defined as the ability to put oneself in another place and react as the other would to a given situation. Most people believe that they understand other people and can be sympathetic to their ideals. This is not enough.
Labor-management relations refer not only to collective bargaining, which is the most current topic conversation, but to the fact that regardless of any number of contracts, written rules, and regulations drawn up by learned counsel, it is still necessary for goodwill to exist betwee...
Efficiency benefits the following people in the following ways: - Investors, through greater profits; - Workers, through higher wages and salaries; - Consumers, through cheaper, better, and more abundant products through successful competition with cheaper labor from abroad - The...
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