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Age 10 - A Bruce Lee fanatic, 15 - it was the Beatles. 20 - Janis Joplin, 25 - my guitar and country pubs, 30 - climbing trees, my guitar and The Boss, 32 is where I am now and feeling a tad Serge.
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Pallet Inverters - often behind the scenes, however incredibly valuable to any business that uses pallets for delivery or storage.
To journey through Africa literally means Safari. A journey that you will never forget that will give you memories to reflect upon for a lifetime and is likely to change your outlook forever...
A few things to consider if you're planning a family holiday of a lifetime - a safari! Make sure it is the best option for you and your kids.
Static electricity is something that we've all come across, whether putting on a freshly tumbled jumper, or skidding across the carpet, but it can be fun for science too! There are quite a few experiments out there to try and to also learn from. Firstly though, it's good to know what ...
There are times for some, believe it or not when you'd rather go on vacation in the winter rather than the summer months. During those times, because you aren't looking to just sit in the sun, you'll likely want to find many things to do. This is especially true during a weekend break...
If you are planning to go on a cruise this year, or if you have never been on one, then it is time to seriously consider a European cruise vacation!
Online shopping has become a major convenience for many consumers. The ability to buy online is a great luxury that many of us use as an alternative to shopping in stores. It's a process that can be tracked through a route that starts as soon as customers submit their orders.
For those like my father (and me to be honest) that don't know or understand the current television technology - basically, do I want an LED, LCD, Plasma or 3D TV?
A few places to go when the weather is getting you down. Get to the beach and get in the sun!
A look at how using a pallet inverter for transportation and stacking, unloading of products can save a business money within the warehouse
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