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Bethany Dean
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Author of the Rose Prince, available on Kindle and in paperback. | @bethanyrdean
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A summary of the home and lifestyle brands which represent heritage, nostalgia and quintessential Britishness.
A quarter-life crisis: the 21st century's newest fad obstacle. At age 25-ish, when you're a grown up but may not feel like it, our youth-obsessed media has you panicking about your career, relationships and life goals. Don't worry - there's some nice surprises, too.
Short and sweet summaries of the best, tried and tested authors' software available - for free - to help you write that novel, short story or screenplay. Updated 2013.
Writers get stuck, and there's some well-worn advice out there to help. But should you take it as gospel, or could it even be bad for your novel?
Who were the bog bodies? Why were they interned that way? Were they criminals, or sacred? Were they victims or volunteers? This essay will look at the bog bodies of northwestern Europe dating from 400BC to 400AD.
The turbulence of medieval Europe gave rise to some iconic works of art. This essay explains the messages that artists of the time were trying to convey, illustrating the themes of death, education and religion that were so powerfully apparent at the time.
After a university-inflicted haitus, I'm back on Wikinut - but have I been wrong in jumping to negative conclusions?
In recent times, strange animal corpses have appeared all over the globe, throwing a new spotlight onto the hitherto niche area of science known as cryptozoology. But is this new wave of legends just mis-identification of animals we've already discovered? * WARNING: some of the pictur...
Aug 15, 2011: Be careful what you wish for... after asking for 'a big rock', a Canadian woman gets more than she bargained for, courtesy of her mayoral ex-husband...
Nicknamed the Hanging Judge, George Jeffreys was notorious for meting out his harsh punishments from an inn in the county town of Dorchester. But does his ghost haunt somewhere far less likely?
If your home is haunted by a disruptive spirit, you will probably be desperate to get rid of it. This article contains advice on mediums, making contact, and when it's safe and necessary to call in an exorcism.
How can you be sure your house is haunted? You may hear knocks in the night and see mists float from room to room, but there are a few vital signs to identify before you call the exorcist. This article describes how to accurately gauge if your house is being haunted by otherworldly sp...
So, you've put the finishing touches to that final draft, collated your MS and got yourself in print. Congratulations! But whether you've self-published, created an ebook or are even lucky enough to find yourself with a publisher, now comes the hardest part - releasing it to the press...
Recent science has revealed that much of the paranormal activity we experience can be explained by infrasound: sound waves which operate at a frequency below that which we can hear, which has alarming effects on our bodies. But what is the evidence, and can infrasound truly account fo...
Wikinut is a great site, bursting with talent and friendly people. The question is, how do we preserve it for the future without compromising its values and unique approach to content writing? My thoughts and feelings regarding Wikinut as of 10th July 2011.
Writing can stink. Whether you're working on a novel, a short story, article, email or just a text message, cliché, formulaic or just plain patronising writing can turn your audience off completely. Here are the mouldiest of writing mistakes, and some tasty alternatives...
I've been a member of Wikinut for 365 days now - so here's my experiences, ups and downs and some tips for writing on this great site!
If you're stuck for a new hobby or simply want to learn a bit more about your area's past, rest assured that you don't need any equipment at all to get involved in archaeology - just your natural curiosity, and a few tips.
The Internet has completely transformed the 21st century. But are you making the most of it? Instead of endlessly clicking around social network websites or playing your favourite game over and over, here are some ways you could make the Internet work for you.
Want to improve your page count, but the writer in you is totally blocked? Here are some quick topics that are easy to expand on and personalise to create a truly eye-catching article.
A vintage pattern for a man's pullover with long sleeves (or sleeveless), from Sirdar. Circa 1942.
A guide to the little-known Dorset village as it is, explaining the history, countryside, people and places which make it unique.
Tweedy, fancy, bouclé, slub, rough, smooth, thick or thin... and then there's the colour to think about! What yarn's perfect for your next project? Here's a swift guide to what's out there in the woolly world.
A little guide and some hints and tips for a new knitter, about the huge variety of wool and yarn to choose from.
Tips for swapping books for cost of postage on
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