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A writer who's covered areas from music to politics, film to sport. Right now I'm working on the supernatural. Weird stuff is cool.
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Recent pages by dkdxi

Experience of the alpha course, what it claims and what it is
Should the Second Amendment be kept or replaced with something saner?
An appreciation of Marilyn Monroe 50 years after her death
Leading on from Christopher Hitchens remarks at the LA Times Festival of Books, an examination of rationality vs faith
A series of fundamental questions everyone should consider before deciding for whom to cast their vote in the presidential election
Short essay on how mastering the art of lying is essential to humanities survival
After the Iowa result, a short history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and other notes on the result
Noting and mourning the death of writer Christopher Hitchens
Comparing the current Republican presidential candidates
Advice on what to wear and what not to wear - and who not to trust
Four degrees of attraction and where you stand in relation to others
What women need to know about men, their secrets and how they think
What women really look for in a man and how men should react to this
Marking the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and asking some pertinent questions that have yet to be answered
Is magic real or just illusion? Does the supernatural exist or is it all in our heads?
Defining the three categories of friends and deciding who belongs where
Does their appearance before the House of Commons select committee mean the end of the Murdoch dynasty?
Pornography - what it means and how it can help sustain a relationship
A discussion about whether it's rational to believe in one or any number of gods.
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