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A mother, on-line writer, blogger and a community development worker.
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In caring for your skin, particularly your face, you don’t need much money to pay for the services of a beauty parlor or health clinic. You can do it at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to learn a few tricks, then look for the ingredients, which can be found at yo...
I have discovered a home-made tasty and healthy tea, which I named as Tarra-Mint. Prolong use of this tea has cured the insomnia of my husband.
High Cholesterol? High level of blood sugar? Are you looking for a natural treatment? Try the Ganura Procumbens. It is also known as the wonder plant, anti-cholesterol plant and longevity spinach. It is used as anti-hypertensive, glucose lowering, anti-inflammatory and source of prote...
Freeing ourselves from unnecessary baggage is a stepping stone to a fuller life. Forgiveness is the key for moving on. It is a precious gift we can give not only to others but to ourselves.
As a mother, I want the best for my child. I'll do anything to protect him from sickness. In this article, I am sharing with you my personal experience with pneumonia vaccine, for you to know what to expect and then decide whether or not, you still want the said vaccine for your chi...
Are you bothered by itchy fungal infections like dandruff, ringworm, etc.? Are you looking for a natural treatment? Try Acapulco and learn to process it into ointment and balm.
Have you ever wondered why you’re not comfortable with some persons you have just met, to the point that you’re easily irritated with those persons for no reason at all? That, when you talk about some “sad” events in your past, you can still feel the pain, as if it just happen...
Did you know that soya beans can be a source of an affordable, nutritious and delicious milk. To ensure an all natural healthy milk, free from preservatives, it is best to prepare it yourself in your home. Your family will surely love it. Try it!
Vera Falls was once a hidden treasure of Malinao, Albay. It is one of the favorite places of back packers, mountaineers and adventurists.
How do you cope with life's challenges? A problem is a part of daily challenges. Every problem requires solution, and every solution necessitates decision. I am sharing with you an effective technique in facing challenges . . .
Suffering from painful arthritis? Here is a proven natural treatment that can be made at your home, out of the spices that can be found in your kitchen.
Exciting, challenging and fun. This is my experience in water tubing, an extreme adventure.
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