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Hi all..I am prashant from mumbai , India. I am out here to try my hand out in writing something....well....not decided yet...may be would write something concerning youths or teenagers..I enjoy that!
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How does it pain when some leave you?? You want them back in your life for anything, but they're gone, never to come back in your life again!!!
Have you ever asked this question to yourself?? Who Am I? If not.......go through it & then ask..?? This poem is about the different stages of life you pass through. You grow infant and die old. You live so many lives in between and unknowingly you tend to forget.....A life that enric...
This fiction is about a nonchalant Casanova, who gives a DAMN to the WORLD. He aspires to be Jim Morrison one day. He is told he needs to pass through a heartbreak to be one like them. During jaunt for his passion, he meets Heer – girl who who stumbles his life forever….Yup no gue...
This is a prayer of a Man in front of his Lord passing through all THREE emotions of LOVE- Before Love, When in Love & After Love!!!!
A guy after having gulped countless glasses of beer last night, missed the next day's rising sun. He is sitting in his couch, thoughtful recalling what actually happened. This is not a thrilling detective excerpt but a short story of a lost boy in remembrance of his life... Hope you l...
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