Chapter 1: The Magnetic Merkabah and Plasma Science

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Chapter 1 of my personal experience in following along with KfSSI's Knowledge Seekers Workshops. Future Chapters will have photos of my DIY work and my comments, insights, revelations and reverberations.

Zero Point

M.T. Keshe explains, in the above video, that the tetrahedral "star formation" is comprised of four reactors, each of which creates its own distinct magnetic field.

Go to this link to see that the base of the tetrahedron has three reactors spinning clockwise and one top reactor spinning counter-clockwise.

The Gravitational-Magnetic Merkabah

I was raised as a Jew. The "Mogen Dovid" or Star of David in two dimensions (flat) is comprised of two triangles. In three dimensions (touch) the Star of David becomes the tetrahedron, the Penrose tile, the leggo unit of life.

The field-free zone, illustrated by the rose colored sphere, is the point where the gravitational magnetic fields, illustrated here by purple spheres, of the four reactors in this star or pyramid formation, expand outwards to produce a new field, which is the product of the newly produced gravitational magnetic fields, each of which is unique, interacting, and the plasma reactors that created those fields.

Field Free Zone inside the Gravitational Magnetic fields of the Merkabah, is essentially a place without either magnetism or gravity. It is a place of zero-point, of total balance, the center of the Merkabah is a kind of vacuum. Some say the soul can ride in this vacuum to a place beyond the material.

Mr. C-O-H-N

Plasma is made of Carbon+Oxygen+Hydrogen+Nitrogen. What we have called "ormus" is similar to carbon in gans a state, produced in salty environment (sea, "mer") but it is not the same as the plasma in the reactor or what we call gans now. The term "ormus" and the term "gans" are NOT interchangeable. As a person who has made and used ormus, I can say the production of it is similar but not the same and that carbon gans by itself has no magical or curative properties, nor will it produce zero point energy. The reason for creating ormus in the first place was to create nano particles of gold. It is the nano particles of gold that can be used for all the things that nano particles of other metals can be used for and here in this model of M.T. Keshe, we essentially are using nano particles of copper, primarily, although he encourages his students to experiment with a variety of metals. He suggests metals "above copper" on the periodic table. Copper is 29. I have kept this in mind for my experiments. Lead at 82 is the heaviest cheapest most easily available non-radioactive material, he did suggest it. Even gold at 79 is not as heavy as lead. Perhaps nano copper is higher than 29, if so nano lead and nano gold are as well. Those that found nano gold useful did eat it. Eating gans is like drinking battery acid, it will burn and poison you, do not mix gans and ormus!

The green in the diagram here is plasma flow. The black circles are plasma reactors (body, matter). The lines are radiating gravitational magnetic fields. The purple dots are the magnetic fields formed from the interaction of the individual fields of each plasma reactor. The central large purple dot is the emotion of man. Emotion is the understanding of physicality. What was a pink dot and a field free area of zero magnetism and zero gravity has become a big black dot (black whole?).

For movie by same name see

This is the soul of man. So when the material vehicle (body) is burnt, it leaves behind nano particles of matter. The emotion is released. The soul is already in a merkabah, it is in the zero point, ascending, or perhaps the direction (ascent or descent) depends on the nature of the emotion at the moment the body died. Or so Vedic legend has said.

As Above, So Below

The plasma cell is another word for bipedal carbon unit. Human is a plasma cell with arms and legs. The quality of emotion determines the essence of the soul. Every being on this planet with a soul comprises together, in its collective interaction, the soul of the planet. All the planets souls interacting together determine collectively the essence of the solar system, then comes the soul of the galaxy, the soul of the universe, and so on ad infinitum until you get the final collective dynamic result, which is the Creator. This means to me that God learns as we learn. Each time we have a little aha, God has a super duper huge AHA.

This is because in this model, the beginning (God) is connected to the beginning of this structure (plasma) in one continuous loop which is a constant cycle, on a continuous wave. Ethics are inherently part of the conduct of the plasma. Only the fool shoots himself in the foot then goes to run a marathon. Man is made in the image of the creator but is like a cell inside a cell inside a cell on the toe of God. When we understand our relative position in creation, individuality, or rather, individual ego, does not matter.

Ormus is not sea gans. Gans is a nano state of matter, but it is not nano (10 to the minus 9th power) sized because it has "popped" in the popcorn machine of Sodium, provided by sea water, the medium in which gans is created. Gans has its own magnetic field and in water solution it is a plasma and acts as a plasma. And that plasma has basic awareness, basic choices it makes, it has a basic "stack" of matter-emotion-soul connections because it exits within sentient existence. The trinity of this stack underscores the interweaving of theology and science, as well as this old axiom, because emotion is the total understanding learned from physicality (body). Soul is the total understanding learned from emotion. When body dies, emotion is not lost but is released with the soul in the form of lessons. The essence changes based on these lessons, and so evolves spiritually. If Jesus was the body of man, Mary is the emotion of man and Holy Spirit the soul. The trinity is the hidden symbolism not the material bodies of the people they may or may not have been. And Creator is however the individual perceives him or her to be.


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