Confessions of an eco-enemy

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An environmentalist laments for the world peace, and looks back into the history and assesses the wrongs committed in the past and takes a resolution to protect the forests, animals and fellow-humans envisioning a world of harmony and happiness.

It may look quite cynical, but I think there is some optimism in a cynical confession of this PoeTREE.

As I cut the woods:

Overdone and undone,
As I cut the woods:
the trees, dumbfounded, fell to the ground.

By the touch of blades on the trunks
their leaves spoke like dumb tongues;
their silent sorrow sank to their roots.

They shot up again with the rains
but unsure of their survival.

Then the birds flew to other forests

Then the birds flew to other forests
but unsure of their new nests.
They were shot or caught & caged or grilled
for my pleasure and tasty food,
and were rescued, to some extent,
and raised when they were going extinct.

They grew, multiplied, fluttered by
and soared, emancipated, in the high sky,
but unsure of freedom in their insecure kingdom.

In jungles and pastures, I hunted

In jungles and pastures, I hunted
animals frisking in playful gestures.
Tamed & kept in health, they brought me wealth.
Frolicsome were the lambs & calves
but unsure of their innocent lives.

And for lands, victory and grandeur---

And for lands, victory and grandeur---
Joined with a neighbor, I called him a friend;
Waged war with the other and foe was he named.

NOW, overdone and undone,
I long for harmony and repent for the past.
Let me not be my own prey
Let me pray for the better day.

© Rathnashikamani Bijja

Images: via Wikimedia
The trees dumbfounded...By Przykuta (Own work) , via Wikimedia Commons
the birds flew to other forests By Jsegraves99 at en.wikipedia , from Wikimedia Commons
In jungles and pastures, I hunted By George Roux (1850 - 1929) , via Wikimedia Commons
Waged war with the other and foe was he named By Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse , via Wikimedia Commons

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Songbird B
"Can we turn back and make it whole?
Do we, as a Race now really care?"

"...this simple inductive discipline hopefully implies that peace research would evolve into a scientifically appearing precondition for imprinting the past upon the future."

"It is still not too late but only if everybody starts chipping in. Doing it for one day a year is not enough, we need to start practicing it daily"

ashish gaur
"The thing is, now is the time to think of the whole World as one entity rather than to restrict our vision to our own Country."

"The question is; What is the 'Normal' range of Temperature for Earth?"

"...There are numerous things people can do to help the environment recover and survive."

"...the environment should be handled as though we are handling a precious little born baby so that humanity can live with the courage to face the future."

rama devi nina
"...on the urgent need for a paradigm shift from competitive attitudes toward integral unity and cooperation. Spiritual awareness prompts expanded perspectives."

"Whenever you think of buying or doing something environmentally unfriendly. CONSIDER, is it worth it to throw the privilege of sharing this amazing planet, away?"

"Let the world open its eyes and pay heed to our Mother Earth, struggling to breathe."

Gurdeep Singh
"Be sure you’re recycling at home."

"...your garden to overgrow will be a welcome home to many you can even encourage it by leaving twigs and small branches on it, some birds love to nest in this type of habitat not to mention little shrews or field mice/"

"If the amount of the fresh water reaches in the critical point, there will be a what they called disruption in the Thermohaline Circulation. There will be a possible change in the movement of warm and cold waters around the world."

"It takes about 25% of your appliance electricity consumption will be loss if you just set it to standby mode instead of turning it off. If you only use that appliance for about 3 hours at a day and switch to stand-by mode, it means that 21 hours uses about 25% of your electricity. "

"Let these words turn all conflicts into results
of humane intention, sailing us through starry vaults."

"We stand silent witnesses to the large-scale deforestation on the name of urbanization. We can at least counter its bad effects in our individual capacity by planting green trees in our neighborhood."

"It is the duty of every single person to understand the real worldly condition. You are the world!"

Mark Gordon Brown
"The wind through the leaves
now speak for Ian's silent tongue."

Image creidt: Let's protect ourselves By Olivier Bresmal (Own work) , via Wikimedia Commons

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
19th Sep 2011 (#)

This is great poetree and a message for all. I appreciate the work you have done, including links to so many other pages of others trying to spread a message. Let us love our wild areas and protect them.
Today I went for a walk in the woods I saw a massive moose foot print in the mud, the forest smelled so peaceful, it was still as all the tourists have gone for the season.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
21st Sep 2011 (#)

That was very nice of you Mark, I'm inspired with your comments.

Going into the woods to admire the serene nature and its peaceful footprints is just enjoyable and sweet to recall those moments.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
19th Sep 2011 (#)

A smooth flowing poem showing man's folly in preserving nature. I think we started paying for our mistakes. See the number of typhoons, earthquakes and Tsunamis happen nowadays.
GV Rama Rao.

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author avatar Retired
19th Sep 2011 (#)

Wonderful. Important theme and message so experly explored with poet-tree. Love it. Great page and much deserving of the star.
their leaves spoke like dumb tongues;
their silent sorrow sank to their roots.

Great phrasing-
unsure of freedom in their insecure kingdom.

Superb artwork and links.

And thanks for including a quote from me, too--that's wonderful.


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author avatar Humza
19th Sep 2011 (#)

THUMBS UP, purposefully written in caps to emphasize how much i liked it

great work rathna as usual!

for our sake the way we have destroyed our environment and ecology is really sad and frustrating at times

Snatching the blessing of freedom of living and protection of lives of the innocent creatures is what is a huge dilemma which shud be resolved and worked at in individual capacity and it should be borne in mind

WE ALL ARE A PART OF SUCH HEINOUS CRIMES and we can only cut ourselves and detest ourselves from being a part by combating it and start by just doing a small act of avoiding to throw even a sweet wrapper on the roads saying what If I throw it, millions of them are already there!

Great message and applaudible work, star page well deserved and now following u proudly

thnx alot for sharing and sorry i took a huge space of urs :)

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author avatar Delicia Powers
19th Sep 2011 (#)

Beautifully powerful and such wonderful links, well done Rathnashikamani:0)

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author avatar Buzz
19th Sep 2011 (#)

Outstanding, dear friend. Well-deserved star page.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
19th Sep 2011 (#)

Fantastic poetry. Fantastic message. Fantastic work. Fantastic man.

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author avatar jayababy
19th Sep 2011 (#)

A different style of echoing so many voices. Outstanding!

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author avatar Shreeja
20th Sep 2011 (#)

Rathnashikamani Great poem :) thanks for sharing

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author avatar Songbird B
21st Sep 2011 (#)

You truly do shine the brightest among us, Rathna...This touched me very deeply...Powerful message...Thank you for adding my quote, you have indeed honoured me by linking my poem to your page my friend..

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author avatar juny
21st Sep 2011 (#)

Awesome writing...thumbs up sir :)

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author avatar Retired
21st Sep 2011 (#)

Brilliant. Another wonderful writing from you, the mirror to reflect the reality from the perception of different people having the same essence.

Superb work. Continue illuminating light to the world.

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author avatar Retired
22nd Sep 2011 (#)

And I have another question for you. How much wikinuts points do we need to have to receive the first payment. For example if we have 200 wikinuts points, how much are we paid? Sometimes I realise some good poems are being rejected and when enquiry is made, they don't respond you the reason? do u have any idea, who is the main editor of the program? Please do kindly inform me about that.

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author avatar vansh pawar
2nd Oct 2011 (#)

its really heart touching poems..
i love it....!!

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author avatar vansh pawar
2nd Oct 2011 (#)


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