Dreading the School Year

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The youngest is starting Kindergarten and schedules have to be arranged. Finances have to be re-examined to make room for everything too.

Real Life Angels

It is almost time to start a new school year once again. This year Theresa goes to Kindergarten. That means that there are a lot of adjustments to make, the first was saying goodbye to our ABA therapist of the last two years. She had to move when the military stationed her family in the state of Kansas. We will miss her more than she realizes, you see if it weren't for her the last year would not have been possible in more ways than one. I have no idea if she is aware of how thankful we are for her or if she knows that we really do appreciate all that she did to help Theresa learn to talk, and function in basic situations that were almost impossible for her to tolerate.

I have no idea if she knows just how much of a difference she made, but I will always remember her as the angel that helped a miracle to occur. Just how much we miss her is only evident to us, maybe one day we'll get to see her again. Hopefully when that day comes we will be able to tell her about all the miracles that occurred in the time that passed between our last meeting.

The ABA cost for a one hour session? $55, and one a week is an average of $220 a month.

Early Mornings Again

Early to Rise The closer it gets to school starting the more important it is to start getting up early enough to get Theresa fed, clothed and on the school bus. Well, at least fed and dressed. We fight our battles one day at a time.

The largest battle right now is potty training which I was hoping to get accomplished before now. Theresa knows wet now, she can tell you when something is wet. So w'ere attempting potty training one more time with full force. She is making a number of improvements in all areas, but she gets so into things that she loses track of anything else.

The early mornings mean that I have to get up in time to get dressed and have her breakfast waiting when I get her up. I'm just far enough out that I am starting to remember the days that my school bus picked me up at 6:30 in the morning. I also have to decide if I will do anything work related before I get her up or use that as my time to help me be rested and able to function through the day.

Additional Expenses

The start of the school years means that it's time to buy school supplies, and the list is horrible for my current income. The list contains multiple which make me wonder if they are using them to supply the entire school. It also contains hand sanitizer, which to my horrified realization is because there is not soap in all the bathrooms. According to the local news Scabies is in the schools, that's not good.

The uniforms, well I'm hoping that I can manage to find enough that qualify and still fit in the closet. This will allow me to put off buying new uniforms for at least a couple weeks. There are only ten days of school during August, which means ten days worth of uniforms to get the baby by. (Laundromat trips are expensive.) I figure 15 sets of school clothes so that she has enough for two weeks plus back up during those two weeks will allow me to do the laundry on the weekends.

School starting back means that my husband goes back to work. That adds gasoline to the budget, and the car is in desperate need of an oil change. That is a big expense when you consider that I'm starting this school year broke, despite the fact that I did not take the summer off.

Yes, in the past I have been known to either take the summer completely off or reduce my work load a great deal. This year, I didn't and I managed to make about half of what I'd make during the school year with a full time work schedule.

Upcoming Work Schedules

OK the new school year means that I'll be working Monday through Friday whenever possible to have my weekends and sleep at night. I have new income goals for the coming year. I sold my Rodeo over the summer when the clutch failed to be fixed. Now the car, would need a trip to the shop.

I have a new budget to put into place that is tighter than it has been in a while. This budget includes savings on a regular basis. A small amount of savings but savings. It is time once again to begin to think of Christmas spending. Gifts for the kids is the top of the list. Theresa wants an iPad, but I don't think that's in my budget, but a kid's version might be.

I have to replace a number of Theresa's supplements, it's that time of year again when they all begin to run out at once. I'll be going back to at least a 30 work week during the school week, and adding evenings on the weekends to make sure that everything is done. This means that I have to take work to therapy with me.

Personal Project

Over the years I have attempted to write a number of books. Actually, I've started and trashed a few dozen as I wrote myself into corners. I have finally decided to write a book and actually finish it. Well, I'm writing three actually, one I began months ago and put on a shelf. I have to find some information for it, it should be easy enough I have it here around the house. The second, I started and it took a wrong turn. I think it's best as a short story, so a series of short stories in a book for it.

The one I'm working on right now, I would be hand writing into a notebook to type up at a later date. I would be spending a minimum of fifteen minutes a day on the first draft of the book. Once I fill up the small notebook that I have started it in I will go back and edit that part of it and type it into my word processor. The goal is to have a short novel, a fictional novel. So far I'm doing well at keeping to writing a minimum of fifteen minutes a day. I'm not editing anything until I get farther into the story. If I edit now I'll be lost and won't finish it. The end of the book I'll edit the book, to make sure the story is the way that I want it.

I am still working regularly, and I am not letting either one interfere with the other. I am determined to finish my book's first draft by the end of the year. It's a reasonable goal with the limited time that I have to work on it, that's why I am following someone's advice and spending fifteen minutes a day writing it. It does not include the time it takes to edit it the way I want it to read, or change the story line.

Different Goals for this School Year

Theresa isn't the only one with new goals for the upcoming year, hers are just in her IEP. Mine would be income and work related.

Given that me and her father just decided to give this marriage another try I know that the next year is going to be interesting. Our six year wedding anniversary is coming up, as well as our daughter's sixth birthday. This year we will celebrate it, provided that once again I do not forget what day it is on.

The baby's birthday she'll have a cake. .. I'm keeping an eye out for special cake pans. I want cake pops for her, and that is going to be interesting. I think if I can find them then the baby will want to help decorate them. As for my goals for the rest of this year, I hope to build my savings, and get all things that I do not need out of my house. Well, it's getting late in the evening and I'm tired. I'll be going back to work on notes for my blogs now. I have some work to do before I can call it a night.

I also set a new goal to attempt and add an article a week here. The last time I set a goal for here life distracted me. I have a new plan, the "to do list" is going in the trash. It's just causing me stress, now there is just a daily work schedule and some deadlines to worry with.


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author avatar A K Rao
7th Aug 2012 (#)

Very nice write up dear Laurie! I appreciate your planning and determination! Hope things will work for you
in the expected manner this year! Best of luck and God bless you all!

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author avatar Laurie Childree
7th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Aug 2012 (#)

It is never easy anytime, anywhere! I pray that you meet your schedules and deadlines with your determination - siva

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