Exercise Regimen: Adding Stretching Exercises to Your Schedule

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Stretching exercises form the part of every fitness training schedule. To understand how useful these are, you have to know how many types of stretching exercises there are. Use these in your daily training schedules to improve the quality of your workout.

Importance of stretching exercises

When you exercise you increase the muscle mass and shorten it. In order to keep your body working perfectly, you need to work out on stretching exercises. Otherwise, you will constantly be feeling some hyperactivity signal from your muscles without any actual basis.

Types of Stretching exercises

Stretching alleviates cramps and hence has great therapeutic value. Stretching incorrectly will result in permanent damage to tendons and ligaments that support the body structure. There are four kinds of stretching.
1) Dynamic
2) Ballistic
3) Static
4) Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
Dynamic stretching occurs when you force a stretch by doing some movement. Ballistic stretch takes place as a continuation of your previous stretching effort during the body movement. Since this coincides with your body movement, you do not feel any stress. In this, a person will stretch his limbs until they feel some stress. Then they will hold it for a short time and then release it. This kind of exercise will help you correct your body posture and relieve body pain. You do PNF only for one set of muscles. You apply pressure and maintain it for some time.

A) Getting the right personal workout fitness regimen

To understand how to organize your exercise regimen, we begin with how we classify these individual exercises initially. You can see exercises as the following kinds.
Exercise that bear relation to:
a) Specific sport
b) Specific group of muscles
c) Weight loss
d) Cardio
e) Strength building

Choose the appropriate exercise regimen

Anyone older than 45 who want to workout needs to consult a doctor first. All exercise regimens will consist of a good proportion of stretching and muscle building exercises. Depending on what you hope to accomplish, you must choose your exercise-training regimen.
Here are some regimens that you can choose from for your training sessions.
a) Squats – push ups – sprints – stretches
b) Dips – pull ups – stair running – stretching – warm downs
c) Pushups – Pull-ups – kick jumping – jogging

Put on muscle bulk

Eat good nutritious food since your body depends on this for its energy requirements. Keep your food balanced and drink lots of water. Remember the following points:
a) Lean protein without any fat – egg, sliced chicken, fish or vegetarian items like chickpeas
b) Total calories play a part: You need a minimum of 3500 calories a day when you are exercising.

B) Questions that every beginner asks

Are there any natural foods that will help me?
Mind the carbohydrates when you exercise. Carbohydrates provide you the source of energy and keep you primed up for your exercise regimen. However, people with weight problems should try to avoid too much carbs and skip unhealthy fats altogether.
Natural food should include:
a) Plenty of vegetables
b) Lots of fruits
c) Nuts, foods that have fiber like yam
You can also include whole grain and cereal items and oats so that you lose weight while getting the nutrition you require. Muscles need proteins so you must include protein shakes, whey, eggs and fish in your diet.

Take a break too

During your exercise schedules, take time out to give your body recuperation and relaxation time. In this period, you torn muscles will undergo repair and cell regeneration will occur in those areas where you have stretched. When you include muscle stretching exercises, you reduce the chances of injury.

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