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From high street to designer brands and cosmetics, this is a review of what users can expect from the online chatbots.

Fashionable Chatbots

Fashion-forward thinkers know their followers are not only fashion-fans, they are also people who want to be entertained, advised and be interacted with while browsing new collections. Making the virtual fashion experience more personalised and ultimately more exciting, chatbots have been developed and adapted to suit the designer’s target audience.

Who doesn’t want to make the most of a shopping experience? Or, more importantly, who doesn’t want to choose their new look directly from the original fashion show (albeit a via short video) rather than from an old-school catalogue? Who wouldn’t want to be colour-matched before making a purchase? The alternative being to make a purchase in hope that it suits you perfectly. Can you plan your latest outfits in comfort and convenience whenever the urge hits? Yes, you can and there is a chatbot to help you.

Head to Toe with H&M’s Chatbot

From festival season to the office, from a stroll in the park to date night H&M has you covered. And now they give you a personalised shopping experience in the form of their chatbot. Supported by Kik (this popular platform needs to be downloaded before you can interact with H&M’s chatbot), you can quickly enter into a conversation about the outfits and products that suit your taste.

Warning to ladies before proceeding: once you have passed your thirty-ninth birthday you are officially known as ‘other’; but that little faux-pas aside, this chatbot was easy to use with an interesting variety of goods to choose from. So long as you have caught on to the trend of replacing words with the pictures (which automatically pop up), you can navigate through the options quickly.

Chatbot launched for New York Fashion Week ’16 and Still Going Strong

Time flies when seasons roll from one to another, especially in the fashion world, when new season lines need to be ready to be shown. In September 2016, Burberry originally launched their chatbot for New York Fashion Week as a way for users to see all the ‘behind the scene’ moments of their September collections. One year on and not only can you discover the Burberry collection like a VIP guest at the runway, in the form of short videos, and you can shop the pieces directly from their app.

Simply search Burberry in Messenger and ‘Get Started’. Options include; ‘Inside Burbery’, ‘Look Finder’ and ‘Live Chat’ to name a few. ‘Inside Burberry’ leads to random, short videos from the behind the scenes for example sneak-peaks of their top models getting their makeup done. ‘Look Finder’ lets you select options such as the style that best suits you.

Connecting with Tommy Hilfiger

In line with their ‘lifestyle’ image Tommy Hilfiger have fully embraced online shopping, online experiences and the creation of a chatbot that gives users the opportunity to view their collections in a way which is efficient and fun. Connecting with the Hilfiger community could not be more simple or satisfying for the user than through their chatbot. No more trying to get to a stockist or missing out on their new collections: it is all so easily accessible. There is, however, a bit of typing involved when you have a change of mind. By typing ‘#clear’ when you want to do something else, you then have to type a new message to direct the chatbot. A direct link to a menu would not go unappreciated in a world of ‘one-click’ and emoticons.

Find the right stylist and the chatbot’s personality comes out. Apparently ‘Edgy’ is a look and it comes with words like, ‘Gotcha’ and a little girl-talk flattery. We love options and we are head-over-heels in love with their options for our lifestyle in particular. When asked, ‘Where are you going in your new look?’ the offered responses for how we intend on spending our days and nights are: Shopping, Brunch, Gig and Girls’ Night! Hilfiger lifestyle, please sign me up right now!

Make (Me) Up

Now that chatbot personal stylists are available and we know exactly what we are wearing, or have at least three choices, there can be no naked faces. A natural look is quite acceptable so long as it is made to look natural with the latest makeup trends. The issue being that there is too much choice and not enough expertise as you walk passed numerous stands filled with makeup. No need to panic when Sephora have you covered. Not only is their Kik chatbot available with colour-matching advice, they have Rihanna with her Fenty Beauty range. The face of fashion, music and beauty, Rihanna gets it so right that it simply can’t be wrong.

Sephora’s app, Virtual Artist, gives the user the opportunity to upload a photo to try against different products, be it eye, lip or cheek makeup. This app has its benefits in comparison to conversing with Sephora bot, the chatbot prefers basic menu choices and does not relate to typing keywords too well. It can also be a bit frustrating (as a complicated woman) that there are mostly single options to choose from and only one product shown per answer. To make up for what is lacking they offer useful tips and videos.

Chatbots for More Accessible Fashion Boutiques

As much as we adore the fashion houses of the world it is usually the smaller local boutiques where the best buys can be found. Shopping that is easily accessible in both location and prices. If it is your boutique that makes your local community fashionable, why not get your very own chatbot? With companies like Snatchbot offering bot creation platforms for free, you too can give your customers a personalised experience. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends keep fans coming back, keeping up with the latest chatbot trends will keep your customers up to date with your available products, help find what they are looking for and be entertained. Your fashions might not be on the runway but they certainly can have their very own chatbot.


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