Find Out Your Purpose In Life: Stop Spinning Your Wheels

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Have you ever found yourself in the monotony of life, wondering how you will ever free yourself from the never-ending bore of the same old routine? Did you know that your daily life can be exciting. The key is: Find out the purpose of life and never let it go.

Purpose in Life

Note: This is part one of how to find your true purpose in life.

Have you ever wondered how you could ever get out of the incredibly boring routine of your life?
Or maybe you have found yourself in a rut, which has led to depression issues, and you just want to get out of the same old mentality of mundane activities.

If so, it is time for you to understand the true purpose of your life.

Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Muse on God

There are many people who would live their entire life until old age overtakes them, to even ponder on the true purpose of life. Don't let yourself be one of those people. It is unfortunate that some would let themselves go that far without understanding their true purpose in life.

Hopefully, you are not at the end of your life yet, and you have just found yourself 'spinning your wheels', doing the same old thing everyday, without a hope that life will get any better than this. That can be a depressing feeling.

So let me reveal to you the first key to understanding your purpose:
Think about life and all of the things you have been fortunate to experience and all of the blessings you have been given by God.

The proper term here is to muse. Here is another way of looking at it:
When you go to an amusement park, you don't have to do much thinking. That is because amuse means that no thinking is required (the "a" essentially means no). At such a park, you can enjoy yourself for the time being, and very little thought is needed. While amusement parks are fun, they only last for a short period of time. When it is all over, then you must return to reality. The fun is over. Now, get back to work. Right? Isn't that how life is?

So let's take the first key idea, to muse, and see what the Bible says.
Psalm 143:4-6 says:
Therefore is my spirit overwhelmed within me; my heart within me is desolate.
I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works; I muse on the work of thy hands.
I stretch forth my hands unto thee: my soul thirsteth after thee, as a thirsty land. Selah.

When your heart is feeling desolate and lonely - as the passage in the Bible describes - a sure way to turn your loneliness and despair around is to think about all of the great things God has done. Think about His great works, because your soul truly longs for God. If you have no clue as to what God has done, then it is time to get out a Bible and find out what He has done.

We all have a desire to understand the purpose for our lives. This desire is ingrained in your very soul, and God created us this way. There is nothing on Earth than can satisfy this thirst for life, and only God can provide 'living water' that can truly satisfy your soul's thirst.

Side note: Selah is a Hebrew word that literally means 'pause, and think about that'.

Application of the First Key Principle

Now you have learned about the first key to finding your purpose in life, try to apply what you have learned.

Think about everything God has blessed you with, and the works He has done for people who faithfully follow Him.

Thinking about God is the first step to finding out your purpose for your life, as well as a lasting peace that your soul longs for. Then, research the concept of living water in the Bible, and you will have started on your way to a more meaningful existence.

Research note: To find out more about living water, read John 4:1-30 in the Bible.

Continue reading the Find Your Purpose in Life series: part two can be read here.


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author avatar Jack Wellman
23rd Sep 2011 (#)

Superb work my friend. I have been blessed to find my purpose in life. Described in Jeremiah 20:9 "But if I say, “I will not mention his word or speak anymore in his name,”his word is in my heart like a fire,a fire shut up in my bones.I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot." And in Acts 1:8 "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Well done on this work my friend. My compliments. So with you on this.

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author avatar Zach3000
23rd Sep 2011 (#)

I appreciate the comment, Jack.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
23rd Sep 2011 (#)

I love the positive meaning behind your page.

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author avatar Zach3000
24th Sep 2011 (#)

Thanks Mark

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author avatar Emanuela
7th Dec 2011 (#)

Amazing article! Just like St Augustine put it "Our hearts are restless until they find rest in You". Only our Lord can fulfill our deepest needs.

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author avatar 1Faithmorgan
10th Jan 2012 (#)

Lovely work and very positive.

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