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I am a simple writer, I do much on disability, agribusiness and motivational speaking but I also touch any area that comes to my mind
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I am the professional international pet clothes shopping guide ,My Facebook ID is www.facebook.com/epetmall , there is lots of dog clothes show ,how to buy dog clothes ,here it is ,cheap and many kind
Bhupendra Shivedi
Owner at Shivedi Traders
November 1, 2012 to Present
Studied Computer Science at IETE New Delhi
Lives in Jabalpur, MP INDIA
Putu Karya
I was born in Bali and I like to work hard, and I am also very pleased to write and read. Because we can express by writing what's on our minds, and might be useful to others. Because according to our
Hello world. I am student and 18 year old . I am online earner....
Sharain Clark
In the beginning, a toddler with toy alphabet, chalkboard, and desk; then pencil and paper, a typewriter next; then journal, pen, and an old weeping willow; and still today, the story continues . . .
Tin Can
My poetry tend to veer towards feelings of emotion. Love. Sex. Desire. Most of my verses will reflect these sentiments as I mainly write straight from the heart. 31 Jan 15.
Fahad Amjad
Hello friend I am fahad from Pakistan I want to frienship with you.

I am single
My facebook id is
visit my business site:
Hello friend I am Umar Jallil from Pakistan I want to frienship with you.

I am Married
My facebook id is
Hi ! This is Shifa. I would love to write everything which makes sense :)
I am a vast writer of several specialties, i write articles on freelance for some media houses in my country.
Writer from Bonnie Scotland
As Andre' Hartslief, I strongly believe, that In life, there are no justified resentments.”We the old legends will become relics and fade away, while new giants emerge in our world of sobering truths.
The author is the admin of blog Silent Sunny and also writes for many sites.
Tina Bug
I am a avid blogger, I have 2 beautiful girls. I am a chef and I love to write about everything I can.
I have a graduate degree in Philosophy. I love to write and to develop friendships all over the world, I hope to add you to my list of good friends.
Bijayani Swain is an expert author and she has written many online articles related to parenting and baby
A good day to you my friend
Yon Maryono
I work in social services particularly in disabled children. and writing as a hobby to avoid senile..
Dear friends and foes: I am a teacher, a poet, an artist, self-published author on art & poetry, CSN Life Skill coach and an international marketer.

See my archives @ edgardecastro.blogspot.co.id
i am a married mother of three perfect kids !
love being outdoors, mudding, softball, and just fun with friends .
Clarence Schreiber
I live in the Upper Midwest and I enjoy collecting sports cards, history to name a few. Some of the things that I like to write about varies bio on people, television stations, places and more.
A blogger of late, written blogs of all nature in various sites. Love to be friendly and build long term relationship. Interested in touring the world.
Nitul anand
Sacred sole falls in bad love of good world !
Focus on love ,life & world
Margaret Michel
Margaret Michel writes poetry and articles about life and the human experience. She's an English teacher, wife, mother, grandmother, and lives with 5 cats and a dog and loves football.
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