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I am Wikinut's top technical author and advisor, which makes me a pretty big nut when you think about it!
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Montana Skye Novels
I am an avid soap opera watcher who loves to write fiction and fan fiction. I write mostly romance novels, but also like writing mystery, thriller and suspense.
I love to write tips about business, as may be earn money, as well as other topics like love, love spells, and so on. I love people and free time.
mohamed elbahnasi

I am a quick learner and hard working person, I want my work best and I am a good team player also. I can adjust at any environment and honest towards my work. I try to be self-motivated, organized a
Teila Tankersley - freelance writer and author who highlights stories that are upbeat and sometimes even controversial. Her stories have the ability to inspire and to amuse. Check them out!
Copywriter,Therapyst Nutritionist
I am a Junior accounting Clerk. My computer skills are Microsoft office, quick books etc. My other skills are tying, preparing invoices, statements, financial statements etc.
Alain-Patrick Umucyo
Online passionate blogger at the same time student of in physics!
Peachpurple is a homemaker, ventures in baking,cooking,handmade crafts and writes at Hubpages,Personapaper under the same username.
I am a working mom. I love to write about family, music, bands and books.
Graduate in 2004 in Management, and in 2006 in Finance, Wisey is pursuing his dream of entrepreneur where reading, listening, improvement, sharing, enjoying and practice are key to his life success...
Industrial Chemist by Profession»Politician in Making»Love Doing Business»My goodies package
I am a practicing physician. I have spent 5 years in Yeshiva studying religion. I published a card game on wikinut and I am in a process of getting divorced
Melissa Dawn
I have been writing ever since I can remember, and currently focus my attention on articles, how to guides and e-books. Check out my group e-book at
As an Artist, Nature is my inspiration for some of my bead patterns which I create One of a kind items. Love Photography, Camping, Nature, Art and Gardening.
A good day to you my friend
Daughter of Deity
I love to ink down my feelings in form of verses.
i am a married mother of three perfect kids !
love being outdoors, mudding, softball, and just fun with friends .
md salauddin ahamed
my name is salauddin.i am a student.i am a student of international university of business agriculture and technology.
PJ Dorantes
Creativity is life. I write mostly short stories
Laika Riddle
Young globetrotter, eclectic mind and loyal human being.
I write about photography, design, lifestyle and useful stuff.
404 Bios not found
my name is ajay and belong from chandigarh (India). and now I am finding jobs on internet
Ammar Ponce
ツ Hello… my name is Ammar Ponce Hirro. I have a lot of experience in business pioneering. I also love thinking outside of the box. My goal is to get some virtual interactions with all my readers.
Gathering facts and information to share and discuss to lengthen my ideas and knowledge about life!
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