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A CS engineer who loves to write about TI (Innovations), Socials, Cultures & Heritage (Local Wisdom), Humors and others that I am eager and interested to. Thank you! :D
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Keval Padia
Keval is a CEO of Nimblechapps, a leading mobile app development company that develops iOS and Android apps.
Amit Upadhyay
Amit is a proficient leader with an entrepreneurial mindset and ability to scale technology. He has deep experience in technology, consulting and business. He empowers the team to make data driven dec
I am the professional international pet clothes shopping guide ,My Facebook ID is , there is lots of dog clothes show ,how to buy dog clothes ,here it is ,cheap and many kind
Hello world. I am student and 18 year old . I am online earner....
Tin Can
My poetry tend to veer towards feelings of emotion. Love. Sex. Desire. Most of my verses will reflect these sentiments as I mainly write straight from the heart. 31 Jan 15.
Peachpurple is a homemaker, ventures in baking,cooking,handmade crafts and writes at Hubpages,Personapaper under the same username.
Inês Gonçalves
My name is Inês I'm 23 years and I'm pregnant! :)
My passion is writing, and I take all the chances to do that!
I'm a student at The Vocational School Of Health Science Wira Husada Yogyakarta Indonesia and now I'm learning how to become a good writer here. Nice to read your all articles here. Thanks
Hi ! This is Shifa. I would love to write everything which makes sense :)
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I am a practicing physician. I have spent 5 years in Yeshiva studying religion. I published a card game on wikinut and I am in a process of getting divorced
Retired government employee; finds hubbing, blogging on any interesting topic enjoyable.
As Andre' Hartslief, I strongly believe, that In life, there are no justified resentments.”We the old legends will become relics and fade away, while new giants emerge in our world of sobering truths.
Nitul anand
Sacred sole falls in bad love of good world !
Focus on love ,life & world
Pamuji Agung
I am currently live in Yogyakarta, postgraduate student in mathematics in Gajah Mada Univercity
aditya R
Born to Win
Hello there! My real name is Shane. I have been in the field of writing from different sites for a long time . However, some of the sites are facing glitches. I expect that wikinut is a good tea
I am 75 years old and retired.I like writing short stories, poetry as well other articles of interest.
heshal mase
cool and lovely
i am a good writer and good muslim.
I live in southeast Louisiana,write poetry and short stories,and I love to cook. I also like to draw,paint,and just be creative in general.
The author is the admin of blog Silent Sunny and also writes for many sites.
Jason Derulo
Sorry, this author hasn't written a bio yet.
Ankit Mahapatra
I am young enthusiast writer who loves to read and write on various topics.
A good day to you my friend
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