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a youthworker, a traveller, soon to be a wife, a christian, a girl who is still discovering life
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I write novels, poetry, songs,nonsense & lies. Sometimes truth sneaks in when I ain't lookin'.
I am still working on this.
The one and only LOVERME
Thanks friends for reading me,
its natural VIRGINOUS poetry
that comes my way
R. Person
college student with many interests
I just want to write, write and write. I just want to contact the thirsty writers. Please give me your feedback.
A Writer, Authour and Publisher based in Lagos. Freelance writing on Religion, History, Food & Nutrition, Self-help & Counselling, Addiction, Poems & Proses, and science, with online E books.
i work 35 hours a week i am 23 yrs old i like to write reead and crochet. i am also studying bookkeeping and accounts. i lso write about what is in the news and poetry, i am writing for triond for over a year but not getting much from them.
Ruby Samy
Ruby Samy is a freelance writer and enjoys working from home. She likes reading, writing and loves to cook. Hope you enjoy reading her articles!
Retired Teacher. Child care giver. Hobby: Writing for children and parents.
My thoughts & actions, on my everyday life, trying to share my part of the world through pictures, poems, articles, and everything in between, a creative outlet, an anonymous space that I can call mine.
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