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I Michael Warne, is an IT education consultant and is helping students for years to choose their interested field of study. This is Personal Blog- https://michaelwarne.wordpress.com
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omadhaun... been writing since a childhood's hour and now within Senescent's dree...
I am a blogger and interior designer, who love to share experience and suggestion for home style.
mohamed elbahnasi

I am a quick learner and hard working person, I want my work best and I am a good team player also. I can adjust at any environment and honest towards my work. I try to be self-motivated, organized a
S.K Sahu
S.K sahu owner of Brands academy, as an Education Constant.He has written numbers of Education Training Blog & Article content.
Peter B. Giblett
Author of "Is your Business Ready? For the Social Media Revolution"

Social media consultant, with C-Level background.
I am an internet marketer who is online to make contacts, network with like minded fellows and make money on the internet using the easiest means available. I am a Chartered Accountant and married.
A person who likes to write on various subjects.
I am a freelancer writer that like to share my thinks using the words!
Clarence Schreiber
I live in the Upper Midwest and I enjoy collecting sports cards, history to name a few. Some of the things that I like to write about varies bio on people, television stations, places and more.
A Poet and Philosopher. Prophecy portends the future, while poetry helps make sense of the past.
Poetry with a message. Sometimes an eternal message, because this world IS the doorway to our eternity. My poetry, more than merely words on paper, is...(more)
ghazala zafar
Life is a book for me and each page of it requires concentration for learning...
Writers write while dreamers procrastinate.
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