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I love to write and am trying all kinds of sites! My favorite topic is medixcine and animal rights. But I will write about anything!
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The one and only LOVERME
Thanks friends for reading me,
its natural VIRGINOUS poetry
that comes my way
Writer from Bonnie Scotland
I have been writing short stories, poems and articles during the past 20 years.
My other talents:
Pipeline fabrications and training of 6 G welders
Oil and gas, Maintenance Services
From writing to blogging it's only a small step:
Articles about food, career, SEO, yoga, health, travel and many more interesting topics.
Hello world. I am student and 18 year old . I am online earner....
Susan Hauck
I have been a freelance writer since 2008. I have a four-year degree in social welfare with expertise in that area. I also write about many different aspects of nature, pets and pet care.
Fern Mc Costigan
Aspiring Freelance Writer in the following subjects that I follow as Politics, Fine Wines, Sports as Football from Premiership and Major League Soccer from the US.
gaurachand is software professional having deep interest in writing,singing and photography
Jennifer Dombrowski
I love to write and am trying all kinds of sites! My favorite topic is medixcine and animal rights. But I will write about anything!
Carol Roach
Retired therapist and author of two books, freelance writer, newsletter editor, and blogger. I write, health, mental health, women's issues, animal , celebrity, history, and SEO articles.
I am a vast writer of several specialties, i write articles on freelance for some media houses in my country.
I love People, Nature And All Things That Make You Smile! Cooking Is A Passion, I Create And Test Recipes Regularly, So I Will Also Be Sharing Them Here With You!!
I like trekking, gardening, playing carom, table tennis, cricket. I am good in grasping things quickly. I am people friendly.
Peachpurple is a homemaker, ventures in baking,cooking,handmade crafts and writes at Hubpages,Personapaper under the same username.
Inês Gonçalves
My name is Inês I'm 23 years and I'm pregnant! :)
My passion is writing, and I take all the chances to do that!
A vast writer, I love animals, making money, technology, romance. I have also published some comic books.
Tin Can
My poetry tend to veer towards feelings of emotion. Love. Sex. Desire. Most of my verses will reflect these sentiments as I mainly write straight from the heart. 31 Jan 15.
Mr. Mamun
I am an MA in English language and literature. I want to write on several informative areas.
Life is a journey, not a destination! Why not share your journey with the world by writing about it!
Hi ! This is Shifa. I would love to write everything which makes sense :)
I love writing. I like to write whatever that comes to my mind.
Debbie Kay
I am semi-retired. Still work with students who have special needs. I love all things people, animals and books. I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter and adopter of shelter animals..
The author is the admin of blog Silent Sunny and also writes for many sites.
Melissa Dawn
I have been writing ever since I can remember, and currently focus my attention on articles, how to guides and e-books. Check out my group e-book at
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