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I am simple person and always try to live simple life. Must be think be positive.
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Hello world. I am student and 18 year old . I am online earner....
Hi friends. very nice to meet all of you.
Fern Mc Costigan
Aspiring Freelance Writer in the following subjects that I follow as Politics, Fine Wines, Sports as Football from Premiership and Major League Soccer from the US.
Cindy S
I am a substance abuse councilor who loves writing in her free time. When I'm not working or writing, I enjoy hiking, reading, horseback riding, camping, crafts and relaxing at home with my cats.
The author is the admin of blog Silent Sunny and also writes for many sites.
Nancy Czerwinski
I'm a mother and a grandmother. I love to write and be creative. If I can make one person smile I've done what I set out to do.
C.D. Moore
I write about spirituality, health, psychology, and ecology. Usually in poetic form (my 1st love) but now I'm venturing into the world of
articles. Exciting!
Clarence Schreiber
I live in the Upper Midwest and I enjoy collecting sports cards, history to name a few. Some of the things that I like to write about varies bio on people, television stations, places and more.
ghazala zafar
Life is a book for me and each page of it requires concentration for learning...
Sivaramakrishnan A
Professional accountant. General take on life, business, international news comments
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