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A counseling psychologist and an educationist . I am interested in writing on parenting and the youth
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Adrian Dumitru
I am a good man
I am an internet marketer who is online to make contacts, network with like minded fellows and make money on the internet using the easiest means available. I am a Chartered Accountant and married.
I can be very weird and unusual I suppose. I love to learn and read; I like to write about life experiences, histrory and poetry.
Clarence Schreiber
I live in the Upper Midwest and I enjoy collecting sports cards, history to name a few. Some of the things that I like to write about varies bio on people, television stations, places and more.
Peter B. Giblett
Author of "Is your Business Ready? For the Social Media Revolution"

Social media consultant, with C-Level background.
Sivaramakrishnan A
Professional accountant. General take on life, business, international news comments
just ordinary people, who trying to write something interesting :P
Follow me at:
I am 75 years old and retired.I like writing short stories, poetry as well other articles of interest.
Marcus Foot
Expat party host & part-time author living in the Caribbean.
I publish my short stories & other fiction at smashwords.com & why not visit my website debtfreeliving.siterubix.com
ghazala zafar
Life is a book for me and each page of it requires concentration for learning...
Writers write while dreamers procrastinate.
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