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I am a work from home mom who home schools two active boys while freelance writing and maintaining several blogs and websites.
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my name is ajay and belong from chandigarh (India). and now I am finding jobs on internet
i love friends and lot of connection i keep interest to writing and music lover and thriller movie i like
I come from Viet Nam . i like watch amine . I'm not good at English, if I have the wrong advice on English grammar of your post. Hope you're prompted to gradually improve their
I write about gardens and birds, books and blogs, history, philosophy and psychology. It will be all wrapped up pretty and bow-tied with a connection to life in the here and now.
A Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist, with 25 years of abstinence-based recovery. I write about addictions, recovery, life lessons and general writing tips.
I have many things that interest me.
Born in New York, settled on the Midcoast of Maine. Passions: words, shapes & colors, memory, environment, Galicia, food, animals. Dislikes: violence, lies, sugar, rats.
A creative, communicator and successful entrepreneur
I'm a Colorado native that moved to TX & OK but came back to CO to raise my daughter. I love the Lord, my family, horses, dogs, watching elk out my kitchen window, & writing about all of my loves.
Sivaramakrishnan A
Professional accountant. General take on life, business, international news comments
life is a gift of opportunities! live life and help others too. thank you.
I am an internet marketer who is online to make contacts, network with like minded fellows and make money on the internet using the easiest means available. I am a Chartered Accountant and married.
Asif Mughal
I am SIMPLE person but want to SPECIAL with making Friends and spreading LOVE among humans from all over the world.
A homemaker with 2 doting kids and a writer with squidoo.
Noreen Ann Snyder
I am a published poet. My husband, Garry A. Snyder and I are both published authors of two poetry books: Two Hearts in One and The Aura of Truth. I am happily married to Garry Snyder.
Peter B. Giblett
Author of "Is your Business Ready? For the Social Media Revolution"

Social media consultant, with C-Level background.
Enigma is my pen name. I am a student of biology. I like reading and writing. I write poems, articles and short stories.
I write on a wide variety of topics ranging from life and its tolls to science topics.
avery sandiego
a bookish, an introvert, writing for me is meditative and therapeutic and i love cats
I am a woman with many hobbies, and always looking to add more to my bag of tricks! By day I am a software engineer for a software company that writes practice and clinical software for physicians. I also spend a good deal of my work life developin...(more)
I love to express myself and have keen interest on learning new thing on life . I love to share my views .
Avik Chattopadhyay
I am the owner and CEO of Writing4u - an online content writing service provider located in India. The link to the website is
David Reinstein,LCSW
Clinical Social Worker (Psychotherapist), humorist, poet and musician, Born in Boston and a relatively unscathed survivor of the 60's.
Please GOOGLE me at:
David Reinstein, LCSW
I am not what i am
Canadian lady who loves to read, go for walks, and love to write on the net.
Say Good Or Remain Silent!
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