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I am a registered nurse of 40 years experience and baby boomer. My interests are writing, all animals, knitting, movies and my dear husband.
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ghazala zafar
Life is a book for me and each page of it requires concentration for learning...
Hi friends. very nice to meet all of you.
Paula Andrea Pyle MA
BS in Communication
MA Ed Art Education Candidate Ph.D in Educational Psychology. Executive MODE of Cosmic Therapy Therapist,
sourav chakravorty
I am sourav chakravorty. I write on everything i see and don't see.I love peace.
Writing articles is my new hobby
Sinbad the SailorMan
About Me:
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Suraj Bastakoti
I Am a freelance web articles writer!!!!!!!!!!!
I am still working on this.
Bishal Kc
I like writing an article online. It is one of my hobby.
I am a registered Nurse
I just want to write, write and write. I just want to contact the thirsty writers. Please give me your feedback.
R. Person
college student with many interests
A Writer, Authour and Publisher based in Lagos. Freelance writing on Religion, History, Food & Nutrition, Self-help & Counselling, Addiction, Poems & Proses, and science, with online E books.
Cambridge English Grad, who then taught English, retrained in IT and is now a self employed Technical Author, mainly working for the UK Construction industry.
Out of the abundance of the heart the fingers type.
Hi, my name is Justin and I'm 21 years old. I love to write although I may not be the best when it comes to punctuation. I love sports with my favorite being football and my favorite player is Felix Jones of the Dallas Cowboys.
La Verne
hi there...
-this is me from Philippines.
- 23 years of age.
-I graduated BSE-Soc.Sci.
-am a teacher but I can't live w/out a paper and pen to write
-I love my poems and I love meeting different people all over the world.
i work 35 hours a week i am 23 yrs old i like to write reead and crochet. i am also studying bookkeeping and accounts. i lso write about what is in the news and poetry, i am writing for triond for over a year but not getting much from them.
I love writing, reviewing, sharing, and reading
My mind is unique.
I'm a butterfly with balls, a dreamer if you please.
I write mostly of my life's experiences .
Plus some poetry.
On occasion some informative articles pop out .
What ever might take my mood at the time I do hope you all enjoy .

A writer. A poet. And A creative person.
James Henry Abrina
For the improved/edited versions of the articles here and for my new posts, please visit the following sites:
Writers write while dreamers procrastinate.
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