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Bharat Prajapati
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Bharat Prajapati
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ghazala zafar
Life is a book for me and each page of it requires concentration for learning...
Hi friends. very nice to meet all of you.
I am a woman with many hobbies, and always looking to add more to my bag of tricks! By day I am a software engineer for a software company that writes practice and clinical software for physicians. I also spend a good deal of my work life developin...(more)
Shafi Choudhury
Sorry, this author hasn't written a bio yet.
I write novels, poetry, songs,nonsense & lies. Sometimes truth sneaks in when I ain't lookin'.
I just want to write, write and write. I just want to contact the thirsty writers. Please give me your feedback.
Writers write while dreamers procrastinate.
Graduate in Electronics and Communication Engg and one of the moderators of Wikinut, I do have an obsession towards writing article.. Enjoys them and gets thrilled when someone comments..
Johnathan Rapp
Freelance writer, filmmaker and musician. CCO for 10th Street Marketing, LLC.
I am a British trained Journalist, freelance writer and poet. In addition to writing I am a keen gardener and happy environmentalist.
I am still working on this.
I am a clinical psychologist from Pakistan. I am running my own clinic to help people overcome psychological problems.
Bharat Prajapati
Bharat Prajapati
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