How to apply for a job in Europe?

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To start, stop sending hundreds of similar applications each week. For each job, the employer and the country have their own way of approach. No European country uses the same “model” of CV.
For example , German employers require a special approach to assess someone as a candidate , unlike British employers . Each country has certain specifics that require the candidates' backgrounds.

Apply for a job in Germany

Biographies are usually very comprehensive and include details of the nominee’s achievements in reverse chronological order - without stopping the timeline. Germans are “gründlich und pünktlich” (accurate and precise) and any gap in your CV will be judged as odd or even unreliable. If you graduated in June 2013 and have commenced work in September 2013, that time should be recorded. And not only in vague terms, but in the details, “May 25, 2012 - September 1, 2012: Travel to Asia to develop cultural skills.”
You need to include many accessories, such as (copies of) degrees, results of examinations, and letters of recommendation. Along with 10 to 12 pages application, neatly pack into a special folder for the application called “Die Mappe.” If you cannot buy “Die Mappe” in a bookstore, put your CV and all accessories neatly packed in a folder. Paying attention to details is imperative in applying for work in Germany.
Also, do not forget to put the date and sign your CV, and never bend. If you think these differences are no longer valid in the digital generation, just look at an application in a German company and compare the level of detail with application of a British company.

Apply for a job in France

Unlike Germany, two pages are required when applying for a job in France. However, many French people appreciate hand-written letter to accompany the CV. It is recommended to write the CV in French, or at least to make the letter in French. Try to have a high level of knowledge of the French language in your application before sending. The French are very sensitive to their language, and if you do not know French, it will jeopardize your chances of employment.

Apply for a job in Spain

In Spain, the current climate is extremely difficult for new jobs. Despite the fact that many young Spaniards left the country in search of work elsewhere, of course there are many who remain and represent competition for those coming from outside. Spanish biographies differ from most European countries that they contain professional image size passport. It can be on paper, scanned or attached separately in case some employers do not like it, but you should always have your name written on the blank side.
Certain sectors, such as bio - engineering, or other jobs that combine highly specialized technical skills with “eco –friendly” methods of production, offer great opportunities . Do not allow the economic situation to stop you if you are really interested to go to Spain, but be prepared to put your effort for finding a job after college.


Don't apply for a job just to say that you put an effort for finding a job. Make your CV looking good and tidy. You should also take into account cultural differences. Introduce the real picture of yourself, be original, observed what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how they will be assessed in the country of which you are targeting.


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