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Environmental Obstruction Through Deforestation, Air, Water and Soil Pollution and Careless Waste Disposal Are the Issues Confronting Mother Earth
Electronic waste, commonly referred to as e-waste, is electronic equipment such as broken cellphones, old computers, iPods, small appliances, and other obsolete gadgets that no longer serve a purpose and are thus discarded. This E-trash is a growing menace that can be solved only by c...
A sink full of dishes may present an overwhelming task. In reality, it's about 10 minutes of focused work, and then one may resume their Facebook or video games.
The disposal of electronic equipment that was purchased in Europe after the 13th August 2005 is legislated forby the WEEE directives - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2002/96/EC and 2003/108/EC.
Environment is the most important thing and it comes first as we are also a major part of it besides plants and animals.. we should do everything to save and conserve this Environment…..and for this we should be ECO-FRIENDLY.
Discarded plastics together with other trash that used to be breeding places of diseases in landfill sites are now converted to school chairs and other paraphernalia. They’re recycled to various useful products in the recycling plant at Envirotech to answer the pressing needs of sc...
This is an article showing how much Americans waste over time, and that we are very wasteful in general. It also shows how to correct some of our biggest waste issues.
Taking water through bottles is considered to be safer against the reality of things. It puts a heavy unwarranted burden on the consumers apart from costing the society heavily through creating more of garbage.
Chemical substances have many uses. But did you know that the chemical substances can also be harmful? Chemical substances can cause pollution of our environment.
How this company is using recycled car parts and PET bottles l to make new objects out of and how this helps the ecological environment.
An amazing new reaching, hugging Self-healing Hydrogel has been created, which is literally brimming with possibilities In both medicine and engineering...
Hi its my original thought about writing an article How to change your daily habits. i hope it is useful piece of information and a user-friendly description to minimize the energy consumption at their homes.
This article is about recycling the things. We must recycle the things as much as we can to live a good life
The serene beauty of our ocean has become a plastic soup over years of abuse. What to do and how to stop it from getting worse.
An essay explaining the growing need for cleaner energy globally.
If you have never heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch you are not alone. Many people have argued its existence since there are no satellite pictures. In fact, although it was predicted to exist in 1988, it wasn't until Charles Moore actually sailed into it in 1997, that people ...
A Valentine's Day party is another great opportunity to have an eco-friendly party.
If one of us would do this simple task, then we would be able to help the environment heal and stop the wide spread destruction of global warming problem.
If you are wondering how the rotary die functions, then you have come to the right place as we will discuss it in detail. They are made up of heavy cylindrical anvil that comprise of a custom made die that roll over a depressed and flat surface area.
The increasing use of the electronics has although made our life comfortable and luxurious, it has its own loopholes which need to be thought about and steps have to be undertaken by each and every individual , be responsible, to clean away the garbage created by the electronics.
GreenCell is committed to bio-sequestration technologies and to the development and roll out of world’s best bio-remediation products and clean energy generation advances. We are selecting technologies that truly fit into the "virtuous circle" credo and have minimal non-green output...
Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century and its projected continuation.
Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is an important competitive advantage for businesses all over the world. This article tries to define the concept and gives several examples of CSR actions.
In today's world, having the most current technology is essential. A new, up-to-date computer will enable you to keep up both intellectually and technologically with the current trends. But what should you do with your old computer?
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