Is Prince2 Needed In The Career of A Project Manager?

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Prince2 is vital in the business world and is used by so many companies when using project management.


A lot of people these days spend their time banging on about the benefits of prince2 and how it can help any project management programme and any individual in their career. But few question whether prince2 can actually help an individual who wants to be a project manager.

…and as I am not one to follow the crowd; I will be looking at just how good prince2 actually is in the eyes of project management.

Prince2 has been around for a long time and has many success stories; there is no doubt about that.

Prince2 is a methodology put in place for project management and helps with successful project execution. Further to this, the prince2 training course equips the student with its processes and principles that assists with the project itself. It is no myth that prince2 has a good reputation is seen as the king of all project management. This is also reflected in the amount of prince2 training courses which are currently being sold throughout the world.

It is thought by many that those who take the prince2 course are those who are seeking a new job. However, this is not the case; many individuals take the examination in order to improve their own education and strengthen their abilities in their role as project manager. Companies also look at prince2 professionals when they want to offer a promotion as it demonstrates dedication and knowledge in the area.

If you look at the history of prince2 you will find it has been used by some of the most successful companies in the world; who have prospered because of the effect this methodology had upon its business and infrastructure. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me! Companies have prospered because of the way it breaks projects down into small components in order to complete the project, it also looks at the environmental factors which have the potential to affect the project. This allows the prince2 professionals to create an action plan which allows the project to be executed effectively and efficiently. Through its success in accomplishing this, prince2 has created a standard approach to the project management sector which has now been adopted throughout the world.

So, in short; yes, I do agree that prince2 is needed in order for anyone to be successful in their career as project manager. Further to this, to become prince2 certified is not a difficult accomplishment as all it involves is taking a training course which lasts a few days. The prince2 foundation course lasts around 3 days with an examination at the end. The training programme allows students to learn the basic principles and values of the methodology whilst also learning how to place them in real life situations. This means the minute the course is finished; students can go back to work and begin implementing the processes of prince2.

Whilst many successful project managers have not got the prince2 certification, in the future it will be required of every individual thinking of getting into project management.


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