Mysterious Vanishing Ships and Aircraft: Bermuda Triangle Secret

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Mysteries have always fascinated man. Bermuda Triangle presents another enigma that swallows entire ships and any aircraft flying in the air above. Here we examine another case of missing aircraft and solve the mystery.

Mysterious disappearing ships at Bermuda Triangle

Read about something mysterious, something that man is yet to accept as real. It exists in this world and yet nobody has any clue as what is actually taking place. Bermuda Triangle, in the North Atlantic Ocean, is the place where thousands of ships vanished without a trace. There is nothing left of these ships, no broken pieces, nothing floating and no trace to indicate what had transpired. What force is at work here? Is it supernatural or is something natural?

Area known as Bermuda Triangle

It all began with Columbus who while sailing in this area sighted some strange lights appearing in the sky. This area, the Bermuda Triangle or Devil's Triangle, in the Atlantic Ocean covers one-and-a-half million square miles. One point is at Puerto Rico, another is in Miami while the third is at Bermuda. This area is prone to hurricanes, rough tempestuous seas and high-speed winds and this might possibly explain why so many ships and aircraft vanish without a trace in this portion of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Increasing number of disappearances

US Coast Guard find it hard to explain mysterious disappearances amounting to as much as 120 sea going craft each year. This deepens the puzzle and adds to the aura of the Bermuda Triangle enigma. Speeding compasses, swirling waters that swallow ships and aircraft snatched out of the skies above, a continuous plethora of mystifying events that many attributed to supernatural forces while believe that some kind of alien intervention could be possible. (Or, is it ghosts and paranormal forces that create disappearances?)

Case of Flight 19

On Dec 5 1945, Flight 19, a routine flight consisting of 5 airplanes carrying pilots on their final leg of training seemed to lose direction. All communication with land seemed to make no difference. The flight kept going in some place where there was no land and no magnetic direction. Ultimately, they ran out of fuel and it presumed they crashed into the sea. They immediately sent one aircraft to find out what happened in that area and … it too vanished. There is no wreckage no bodies nothing at all.

Experiments to determine cause

Miami coast guard conducted a number of exercises using helicopters and expert swimmers to determine if they could detect any unusual activity. In an attempt to explain the mysterious disappearances by scientifically, a group of experts conducted experiments that simulated an exploding gas pocket beneath the ocean floor. This would release enormous amounts of gas that would sink a ship. In their experiment, they proved that this could be one reason for the disappearance of ships. Now how does this explain what happens to missing aircraft?

Study of accident

Reconstruction of the scene of the accident showed that it was possible that the aircraft had overshot their original destination and flown on on a parallel path. Pilots could not get a fix on their landmarks and hence made a fatal error of turning in east instead of west. They eventually ran out of gas and crashed into the sea. A ship found the wreckage and this confirmed that this was the case.

So, how did the search and rescue plane disappear? Another ship reported seeing an explosion at about the same time when the rescue plane was in that area. Probably a cigarette caught the engine and sparked off an explosion.

Mysterious enigma

But does the Bermuda Triangle hold no paranormal or alien secret? Man loves mysteries and so any accident adds to something mystifying something supernatural. We may not know what secrets are present in this place until the day we find something concrete about these disappearing aircraft and ships.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
20th Jun 2014 (#)

Awesome post, cheers!

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21st Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks Fern Cheers!

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21st Jun 2014 (#)

really good article and I see why it was selected as a star page.

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author avatar snerfu
21st Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks Mr Harbin glad you like it

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
24th Jun 2014 (#)

Nicely done. I always thought the Triangle was where hurricanes should go and die. Wishful thinking, I know...

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author avatar Robin Reichert
25th Jun 2014 (#)

Very interesting article. Thanks!

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author avatar snerfu
25th Jun 2014 (#)

Thank you Mr Riechert

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25th Jun 2014 (#)

Ha ha Phyl, if God had wished it He could have done it. However, I guess there is much more going on behind the scenes here.

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