Nobel Prize Winner the President of Liberia, Ellen Johsnon Sirleaf

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The 2011 Nobel peace prize winners have been awarded to three very brave women for their outstanding efforts to make this world a better place. Unfortunately, Montreal and the rest of Canada have yet to produce a female Nobel prize winner but we will. It is just a matter of time.

Reclaiming the future

The 2011 female Nobel prize winners were Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Lemah Gbowee, and Tawakkol Karman. has yet to put up the biographies of these outstanding women.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is currently the president of Liberia. She is the only democratically elected female of state in all of Africa.

Election 2011

According to her critics, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf broke a promise she made in her first term in office by announcing she would run for a second term. The election was held in Oct. Tubman, who had come in second did not want to go for a run-off. Sirleaf was in the lead after ballot results but still did not have enough votes to win the election. Tubman claimed the election was fraudulent . Tubman maintained the country was influenced by the fact that Sirleaf had been awarded the Nobel Peace prize just four days prior to the elections. International observers reported the election was “fair, free and transparent.”

“Following the election, Sirleaf announced the creation of a "national peace and reconciliation initiative," led by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Leymah Gbowee, to address the country's divisions and begin "a national dialogue that would bring us together."

Domestic Policy

This great lady put the people of her country ahead of the politics. In July 2007 there was a fire believed to be set by an arsonist damaging the government’s executive mansion. Rather than take the money necessary to rebuilt the structure Sirleaf moved into her own home in Monrovia so that the people could save money.

Sirleaf made Kimmie Weeks a 26-year-old activist, the orator for the "Liberia at 160: Reclaiming the future." country celebrations. Weeks called for making education and health care a priority in Liberia. Sirleaf heard and she complied. She legislated an Executive order to make education compulsory and free for elementary school children. A landmark change for the future of once war torn Liberia.

The freedom information bill

Friend of the Media in Africa Award from The African Editor's Union

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf received this honor for her legislation, In October 2010, of the Freedom of Information bill, the first of its kind in West Africa. Sirleaf has has remarkable changes bringing true democracy to her country.

Debt reduction

Sirleaf pledged to reduce the ever- increasing debt in her country. World governments are hesitant to grant funding to African countries, but on the strength of her debt reduction plan and on the strength of her character she has been getting tremendous help. “The United States was the first to grant debt relief to Liberia, waiving the full $391 million owed to it by Liberia in early 2007. In April 2009, the government successfully wrote off an additional $1.2 billion in foreign commercial debt in a deal that saw the government buy back the debt at a 97% discounted rate through financing provided by the International Development Association, Germany, Norway, the United States and the United Kingdom.The discounted rate was the largest ever for developing country.

World debt relief continues to pour into Liberia. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has committed herself to limit annual borrowing to 3 percent of the gross national product. She also promised to limit expenditures on borrowed money.

Truth and reconciliation commission

Truth and reconciliation commission

“In 2006, Sirleaf established a Truth and Reconciliation Commission with a mandate to "promote national peace, security, unity and reconciliation" by investigating more than 20 years of civil conflict in the country. “

Ironically this great lady was listed in the final report of 50 Liberians who were "specifically barred from holding public offices; elected or appointed for a period of thirty (30) years" for "being associated with former warring factions."

Their reasoning was based on her actions during the first Liberian civil war and her association with President Taylor.

President Sirleaf did apologize for her support of Charles Taylor until she found out what his real agenda was all about and then she was his strongest critic and adversary. In October 2010 Sirleaf made public her opposition to the Truth and Reconcilation Commission’s proposed banning as it was unconstitutional and would impeded her right to due process. Her Chairman of the Unity Party also announced that she had not broken any laws by initially financially supporting Charles Taylor.

In January 2011, the Supreme Court also maintained that the banning of certain individuals from public office was unconstitutional as it did impede their right to due process.

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