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Normal is a word often overused since the definition of normal truly depends on who you would ask on any given day.

Setting the Stage

Scratching your head? Come with me and I'll take you on a journey of "normal routines" that are anything but normal to most people. The daily grind is often thought of as a 9-5, I have no idea why because no one I know has ever gotten those set hours. My daily grind involves far more than the typical work day. I work from home and care for an Autistic child. That means I feel the tug of frustration urging me to rip my own hair out by the roots often.

There are some things that we avoid at all costs. Going out to eat at a time when restaurants are crowded, movies or anywhere else my little angel would be expected to sit quietly for an extended period of time all make the list of things to avoid. Chaos is something that we try to avoid because it causes tantrums and setbacks to occur.

We even avoid keeping certain types of food in the house such as soy, dyes, microwavable kid's meals (mini heart attacks in a can) either because they annoy me or cause digestive issues. We also avoid my soon to be ex-in laws. That is another story all together, the meddling is more than I can stand and a large part of why I would be getting a divorce.

Hectic is Typical

Mornings require that at least a half dozen nutritional supplements be consumed by my now five year old daughter. This of course has to occur after she has eaten breakfast to prevent her from getting sick to her little stomach. I have never enjoyed the mornings when I tried to get them in her before breakfast, they also result in her losing them for some reason.

Regardless of whether my child had a bath the night before there are some mornings that she has to fit one in before school. Depending on what she decided to do that morning it can be as short as five minutes in and out or a half hour that she allows her time to play in the tub. This is of course after getting her away from whatever she has decided to give her undivided attention that morning. It is usually a book or an educational game that I have to compete with to give her the supplements and get her ready for school. Breakfast is of her choosing. I have found the mornings go easier that way.

Somehow we get manage to get to the end of the driveway to wait on the school bus. (We have only missed it twice in the last two and a half years.) That in itself is a miracle. Then during the few hours she is in school I do laundry, dishes and other dreaded housecleaning tasks as I attempt to make a living.

In the afternoons she gets off the bus, has lunch and it's typically off to therapy we go. I'm not fond of the daily drive to and from but shorty adores therapy and the women she goes to see while she has it. After therapy we often run all the errands we can possibly fit in before she gets ill at being out so long. We're attempting to potty train and she has issues with strange bathrooms making cutting trips short important.

Making a Living By the Piece

Yes, I would make a living no matter how small some months getting paid by the piece instead of the hour. In other words if I do not produce I do not get a paycheck. This can make it tricky when things such as illness come up so I try not to be sick for long and I always try to pay my bills immediately when I get them. I find that this keeps me from going crazy as life happens around me.

I would be making a small fortune if I were to charge by the hour and still work from home while caring for an Autistic child. It is an interesting day especially when I have work to do while she is home. Now she is getting actual homework sent home from the therapists. We have questions to go over and her verbal capabilities are not at a five year old level. She can read and she can memorize anything but trying to get an answer without a visual is rather difficult.

Writing as much as I can in a day and still having it be coherent in addition to doing all the babies work would be rather difficult to do. I have a steady writing gig at the moment but I do not have the ability to schedule the day in advance more than one or two days. I have to keep in mind there are some days I can work during therapy and some days that I cannot and I lose a few hours there. I think that I have to build a schedule and make everyone else adhere to it.

There are months my expenses outrun my income which means that I have no choice but to cut corners. The last corner cut was an experiment with various laundry detergents to see how they worked or did not work. Well, I am no longer sure what to do but I keep reading and learning so I'll figure it out.

Yes, this is my normal and as you can see it is far from what most consider to be normal.


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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
10th Mar 2012 (#)

Clinically, what we call "Within normal limits" (WNL) is a very b...r...o...a...d piece of territory!

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author avatar Laurie Childree
10th Mar 2012 (#)

and that is a good thing since our normal often boards on insanity!!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
10th Mar 2012 (#)

so true what you have written and David'scomments are great.
Bless you Laurie for your good works that do not go unnoticed by God...

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author avatar urguide
10th Mar 2012 (#)

its just one perception, I believe

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author avatar D in The Darling
13th Mar 2012 (#)

"Little by little makes a bundle," goes the adage! I like this and thanks for sharing!

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