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The year would appear to be attempting to end just as roughly as it began. Debts, repairs and other issues have made this a roller coaster ride that is coming to an abrupt halt only for temporary repairing of the tracks.

Beginning and Ending the Same Way

The year began with my small family in debt and it is ending that way as well. It is difficult to face the fact that once again I am broke and owe people money. It is the reality I face and I will continue to work at getting back out of debt. There are more expenses piling up which means that there are things that have to be cut out. I will contend with that as well.

Loans-There is a loan out on the soon to be ex's car. I told him I would help to pay it since he took it out for things that I wanted for myself and needed to purchase our child. Well, he would be doing everything that he can in order to stretch out the repayment of the loan. Paying it off is not aiding in the fact that his paycheck is half of what it should be do to a garnishment for child support. His payments are now in arrears over $1300.

Why is he so far behind when it's been caught up repeatedly?
Well, he had the summer off and did not actively look to find a job that he could do. That meant his child support was not paid at all during those months. The fact that his current position is part time meant that he only paid half of the support each month he worked to prevent being completely broke. It was easier than inconveniencing himself to go get a job that would cover even the smallest expense. The saddest part is that he believes he is a contributing member of the household.

Everything Tears Up Eventually

There has been mechanical issues with vehicles and continuing decay around the house that has been dealt with as best as it can be without the much needed income to fix it properly. The cars have been in and out of the shop to fix various issues. The latest issue is that one of them is in desperate need of a new set of brakes. That means that while I attempt to cover expenses and obtain a divorce it sits in the yard waiting for me to come up with the money to get it to the shop.

Temporary solutions Pipes that break are fixed immediately while alternatives are found to deal with the other things that tear up. There is some siding material in the shed that I intend to force my soon to be ex to help me use to cover up some places where the outside is in the most need of repair until something else can be done. While not ideal it will at least help with the drafts a bit provided I stuff some insulation into the holes that are now present.

The duct work would be in need of replacement. In an effort to keep the electric bill manageable it is on budget billing. The amount is a nice uncomfortable $245 a month after the usage of re-figured. I can deal with that until something else can be done. I am currently looking into safe alternatives to my central heat and air. Ripping the duct work down and shutting off the vents is rather tempting I must say. It is not however practical so that solution is a non-solution.

My well is old and so are the pipes running under my home. The solution to that is to hunt down a reliable company to come tell me what is wrong with the well. The cost of repairing the well will then be compared to the cost of hooking up to the city for water.

No Vacations

The Summer Vacation was spent at home since we did not have the money to go anywhere. This was not unlike the rest of the year. While everyone else was traveling to enjoy a nice vacation even if it was just a day this household did not. The mounting expenses meant that more and more things have been cut from the budget.

Just what was cut from the budget? Currently I would be using up the last half of the cheap $1 bottle of laundry detergent I purchased during a recent hotel stay (long story). The use of commercial laundry detergent is rare in this household since I learned how to make my own. As a rule I also do not purchase small garbage bags preferring to utilize the plastic bags from the stores I shop at. When I have an over abundance of them I once again take my cloth shopping bags to the store to prevent having the others scattered all over the house.

My laundry when there is not a full load or I only need to wash my child's uniform's for school is done by hand in my kitchen sink. I boil a pot of water and use it to melt the homemade laundry soap before putting the clothes in to soak while I wait for the water to cool enough to place my hands in. One day I'll take you through my new day.

Preparing for the New Year

At the moment the goal is to simply make it through the year that is now ending. The goal for the new year is to fully cover all my expenses and work my way out of debt. I am now up earlier in the mornings than I have been in years to start my day before the rest of the house. I also stay up later to finish.

Five in the morning This is now my typical alarm setting so that I may enjoy a cup of coffee as my computer starts up to begin my work day. I take my coffee and sit with pen and paper to plan my day around the appointments. Once my day begins I slowly but surely mark work items off as I perform household chores. This is leading to a more productive morning and a better night's sleep.

Therapy I now take a small diary to write in and a book to read to therapy so that I have at least a half hour to rest during the day. I've never been good at taking actual breaks since I began to write for a living but I am learning. Besides those books not only give me useful information but I can write a review or two of them in the near future and earn a little bit from my luxury time.

Well, now I must return to planning and preparing. I am sure there is another article in that too.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Nov 2011 (#)

Best of luck in the new year. My wife is extremely frugal and that has really helped us stay afloat, also we really reduced the amount of meat we eat this past year and that is good too.

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author avatar Robb714
18th Nov 2011 (#)

Like momma says, "The Sun don't shine on the same dog's butt all day long." I like to believe there are always possibilities. Keep writing.

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