Problems With Getting Blog Traffic

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Having problems getting blog traffic? Need visitors to see your work? Lets take a look at why websites fail to attract traffic.

Empty Analytics!

Everyone likes the idea of owning a web business. I think it's the lure of quitting the nine to five job and having the freedom of being your own boss.

But how does it happen? Well you obviously need a website and something to sell there. And once you have a product and a website/blog - the millions will begin visiting your website and buying stuff right?

I'm afraid it's not that easy! Getting blog traffic is one BIG task especially if you are new to the business. You can submit to the search engines for traffic but to be honest - this makes very little difference. Being indexed is down to the search engines and them alone!

You could swap links with other websites to get traffic but you must make sure the other website is up to standard. If the other website is as new as yours getting blog traffic from them will be near enough impossible. Most websites/blogs that get a ton of traffic won't want to swap links with with a website that has little traffic.

A lot of people have turned to getting blog traffic from advertising on similar blogs ( making sure that these blogs are in a similar niche to their own! ). A lot of web owners are very protective of their traffic and charge a lot of cash for an advertising space

You need to look at getting blog traffic from targeted sources to your main subject. I'm saying this to warn you about the 'traffic selling' sites out there that will happily sell you a load of traffic for $5 - seriously! How bad must this traffic be?

The wrong traffic will not convert to sales so it is a waste of your money. You need to find a company that is selling you targeted traffic. A lot of people turn to Pay Per Click advertising as this concentrates on targeted traffic but this costs ( especially if you do it wrong! ).

In my book getting blog traffic is the hardest part of online business.If you have a very original and new niche then it should be plain sailing but lets be honest - how many niches have no competition? Do your homework before you look at driving traffic - If your website is all in English, you might not want 100,000 visits from people in China. If your website is on golf - you may not want traffic from a fishing blog.

Use your head! It is far easier to harm your site when getting blog traffic than it is to improve it's rankings. Search engines are not stupid and they know every trick in the book!

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