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Writing an article is easy when you have a choice of topics. When you have to write about something unusual, the going gets tough. You need help and more importantly you need the right inspiration.

Finding a topic to write about

It was like any other day. I had to submit an article and the editor was pressing for something unusual. I sat at my computer table pondering deeply. The cat sat on the porch in a sunny spot created by the sun shining through all the dense leaves of the tree in front of the house. It had its eyes open and they were looking at me.

Money is always interesting

Should I write about making money on the Internet? Or should I write about cooking and baking? There could be doubt about it – the topic must be unique. The content has to fresh and there must be a sting to it. Something unusual should be fine, I thought. The cat seemed to think so too. It closed its eyes. Must be something in the article.

Going cuckoo

Spent time searching for something unusual but did not find anything. Maybe it was not my day. I looked at the clouds and I even searched under the bed. Then, I thought of what I was doing and resumed my station at the computer table. No, there was nothing under the bed.

Of ghosts and ethereal things

Are there ghosts around? Is there some sound in the dark that is unexplained? Or is that a dog burying its bone in the middle of the night? A spider ran across the table. I thought about it for a while. Not that spider, I thought about writing an article about why spiders run about. The cat opened its eyes. I tried to ignore it and tried to think. I had an article to write.

Unusual worldly happenings

I thought about the Bermuda triangle and I thought about haunted houses. I tried to visualize ghosts running around my house while I was sleeping. I bit on a health biscuit and sipped my tea. The cat was looking at me. It had moved over to a sunnier spot but its eyes were open and staring at me.

Haunting my mind

I moved from topic to topic until I was sure I could not find one that would please my editor. Surely, I will not deliver my article in time today. I began to worry. I thought about the spider again. Maybe it was a ghost. Maybe it was haunting my house and – I discarded the idea.

Dead and undead

The problem was something unusual usually was something dealing with ghosts and unexplained happenings that people saw in the half-light on a dark cloudy night. Maybe I could write about undead people. Or about people who go around with a bloody fingers scratching and killing others they came upon in the dark streets.

Time to go to sleep

Nothing will happen today, I decided. I could search for something unusual until the sun went down and not find anything. My head began to ache and my eyes were going bleary. Maybe the ghosts were haunting some other town today.

I quit, I closed my computer and then remembered – I did not have any cat.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Jun 2014 (#)

A nice twist to the end - ghosts look to be real but I want nothing of it! Interesting post, Snerfu - siva

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author avatar snerfu
29th Jun 2014 (#)

Hello Siva, always good to see you. The allusion is to my conscience not to ghosts.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
10th Jul 2014 (#)

The best writing comes from the heart or whatever is closest to it. There! you managed to churn out a whole article just musing about things :)

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author avatar snerfu
10th Jul 2014 (#)

Ha ha Joyce. Sometimes inspiration comes with a tail attached.

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