STOP Shopping At The MORGUE For Your Food! (Part 9) Leather, Fur And The Unthinkable!

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The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries To The Making Of HUman Skin Into Leather

The Miracles Of Leather?!

Peoples! Is not each and every child regardless of its sex, race, or colour, a MIRACLE OF LIFE?

Of course, he or she is and no less are the CHILDREN OF NON-HUMAN SENTIENT BEINGS.

They are little darlings, little miracles, and if not then why on this earth would we, ourselves, as well as our first foremothers and forefathers of which many of us are, have brought in test tubes and tanks, these SO IMPORTANT non-HUman Sentient Being whom so MANY OF YOU THINK YOU NO LONGER MUST CARETAKE OF?!

Leather Mushroom and Leather Synthetics! Upcoming: Human Skin Grown In Labs

The mysteries of leather can be a good one. Only the most uninformed and sadistic would pass these by with a wave of the wallet and a nod of the head.

But then we are speaking to HUmans H=holy=moral and ethical; U=universal alluding to ALL OF CREATION'S non-human Sentient Beings as guided by the Yardstick of Creation upholding the Universal Principle in these categories.

Leather mushroom as well as leather synthetics are quickly putting animal skins out of business
which is the quickest way to stop the horrible trade in furs, skinning animals alive and shooting animals for their hides.

How Synthetic Leather Is Made - Fire Resistance And Uncrackatble!

This synthetic and mushroom leather grown in certain places of the world can put many otherwise homeless and jobless people to work; instead too many are jobless due to the many selfish and uncaring human Beings of this world.

BUT What About Cellular Agriculture For Growing Hides In Laboratories?

Alright, many of you say animal skins should be grown in labs. What about HUman skins then? As both the HUman and the non-human are Sentient Beings then would Ye Ones have an objection to growing and wearing HUman skin jackets, belts, or any other leather product?

While cellular agriculture in t his discipline may seem to be the answer it must be measured against the Yardstick Of Creation and what exactly does that entail?

Would you wish cellular distributions of your skin to become someones car seat, purse, wallet or belt?

NO? But why not? Would it not save the non-human Sentient population and even perhaps portions of the HUman population in unseen quarters?

After all HUman children as well as HUman adults are gutted of their organs whilst in jails across certain nations of this world to be used for transplants for people who have the purchasing means.

Taking cellular DNA from a HUman adult or a HUman baby in order to grow them a body part, either an organ of which the skin is the largest organ of the body, or and inner organ; ie: kidney, heart, eyes, or for the outer perimeters is wonderful, necessary and should continue; however that is DIFFERENT ENTIRELY than growing skin for the usage of bags, car seats, leather belts, or any other such use.

So you see, ethically and morally, using skins of either HUmans or non-human Sentient Beings were never, in the first pioneering of this planet, something which was done by our foremothers and forefathers of whom many of us are, and believe us the laboratories in those first days, hours, and years were subliminal to the positive and of the highest technical quality that your scientists have yet to discover.

They Will Go Underground And Fraud Will Surface

Unless the HUmanity will prefer to go Vegan in all of their qualities such as the not wearing of even grown in laboratories, the skins of non-human Sentient Beings, the industry, one of the largest in the world will go underground to protect the minor skin industries and to protect the major ones as well.

Your laboratories would succeed monetarily speaking but what of the ones whose very livelihood depend upon the skin to leather trade? They would indeed go underground and fraud would abound.

This is due entirely to the monetary system
which is responsible for the gutting of HUmans, for the growing of pigs in tight steel cages, the branding and skinning of calves and their mothers and the live skinning of those "polliwogs" with worms by their sides as a so-called nutritious diet for the lives and souls of these part HUmans is something no-one would ever wish to observe.

Or Would You Rather Have THIS? THE UNTHINKABLE!

You will hit the ground running in each incarnation UNTIL you learn that to fly in a starship you must first evolve past your insensitivities to other HUman Beings and in particular to the voiceless Ones whose VOICE YE ONES SO MANY, REFUSE TO HEAR!

Good Morning, Good Evening, and we truely hope a Good Afternoon and Good Night to Ye All!

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
10th Jul 2018 (#)

We appreciate the star, Peter.

Thank you!

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
10th Jul 2018 (#)

Thank you for sharing this article with the world. Each article leaves me speechless. It's difficult to watch the videos. It will be extremely hard for people to change because humans tend to be creatures of habit. This is what they've been taught and right or wrong they follow what they know. I seriously hope this can change but it will take a long time.

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
11th Jul 2018 (#)

Thank you, dear friend, Nancy Czerwinski for your lovely comment to us again.

It may not take as long as you think for the new generation will see to it that the Vegan Smorgasbord will not be a fad but indeed a healthy Way Of Life in a very polluted world.

Rania and Jamie, Reni

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
11th Jul 2018 (#)

I hope you are right and the new generation puts an end to these evil practices. It would be wonderful to have a world of grace, beauty and peace for all.

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
12th Jul 2018 (#)

You are truly a wonderful soul, Nancy. Your comment is much appreciated as always!

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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author avatar GeekSquad
12th Jul 2018 (#)

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