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Over the past 3d printing technology has wider its wings and now its been seen in every sector of development parts. 3d prints services are been used in cars, music instruments, prototype making, shoes and creating many clever and incredible things
This page is meant to give you a whole picture of tuning parts in 3D printing which is called the slicing settings. We aimed to help you to achieve better printing results and help you understand the terms in the slicing software meant. This could be a troubleshooting guide as we conc...
How this company is using recycled car parts and PET bottles l to make new objects out of and how this helps the ecological environment.
This is exciting new technology that is taking the medical field by storm. People with Eye cancer can now have facial prostheses made by a printer.
This is the story of a young teen, who with the help of his classmates, redesigned his own wheelchair to be more manageable and to make it fit his lifestyle better. It is pretty amazing what kids can do now days.
There have been a huge amount of internet banalities relating to how the U.S. doesn’t manufacture things as much these days.But is this really true? If the U.S. decline in manufacturing has occurred does this mean the overall emphasis of our economy has declined too? Well, maybe. Bu...
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