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A hope < a wish < a dream < a commencement < a plan < a process are 6 stages of human reality. This second article in The World Of Ideas aims to help you interpret your own dreams. Identify your dream-self and understand the butterfly effect with Lorenz Attractor for your own perspec...
Patriot Day... Never Forget... 9/11. This is my tribute to the heroes and the fallen. The link on the first line will take you to an audio recording, as Pentagon is both poem and song.
After the tragic event that occurred on September 11, 2001, people still remember the sorrow and distress on that solemn day. Why?
See what this poem got to say about the 911 tragedy to the USA
Remembering 911 and all the heroes who put their lives at risk or lost their lives. My sympathy to all who lost someone on that day. It's hard enough losing someone who is old or who it's expected but that day was tragic and I feel for you.
Ten years has passed since the horrifyng event of 9/11. We have lost many, and we gain no less.
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